What’s Happening Now? TOO MUCH!

Im happy to be back in Puerto Rico.  Even though I visited the states this summer, PR is absolutely HOME!  I mean I feel so comfortable here, it is too much.  Anywho, while I get ready for this farm project, I am still working on the Skai Juice projects.  There are a few jumping off right now:

First of all, I have reformulated Paradise Wellness…since I have to juggle the retreat business and the farm business I have decided to still offer amazing retreats…however not necessarily in the same way.  Now I am offering Personal Wellness Retreats.  The difference is this: Now, you can book whenever you want to come.  I offer modest accommodations at the Sunshine Guest House, prepare your vegan and/or raw meals according to your goals, and offer you wellness coaching.  All this for $150 per day. And then on top of that you can let me know what other things you would like to do here, and I will concierge and arrange all your other excursions…that is if you like.  You some people, in fact, just need to un-plug and REST!  So I offer this here.  Can you imagine getting the most amazingly delicious and healthy foods and juices, coconut water…comfortable accommodations…the beach around the corner…literally a one minute walk…and pure WARM sunshiny healing weather!  You cant beat that NOWHERE!!  Contact me ASAP!  I have already put the word out and folks are coming!!  Its getting cold up there in the North.  As soon as I posted this on FB, several people booked immediately!

Also, Im getting ready to record my Soul Vegan Master Information Series.  This is the information folks want! Ill be downloading my brain with all the info that folks ask me about all the time.  I should be releasing this within the next two weeks.  Make sure you are on the list to get this when I release it! SIGN UP TODAY! http://eepurl.com/EvW1r

And Last but not least… The Farm project is moving forward and we are Sooo in need of volunteers. We have various tasks that need tending to.  And we cant do all the work.  We need you to help!  Whether you are here in Puerto Rico or anywhere else in the world…you can help in small and in big ways.  Here are some of the tasks we need help with:

FARM HANDS: Right now we are looking for hands on help here in PR.  We definitely need help working the land.  Come on down or if you live here come on over!  Please message us for more information.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS: We need help with putting together various projects that are going to help fund the farm.  Right now we are working on the Puerto Rico Junior Chef Competition.  Message us for more information.

FARMER’S MARKET: We should be setting this up shortly.  We need help with getting more farmers. Clean up and Set up. Getting the word out. Getting speakers. Message us for more information.

VOLUNTEER LIASION: We need folks in the states to help get the word out about the farm, especially getting groups to come down from schools and other institutions to learn about farming and permaculture.

ADMINISTRATIVE: You know what this means, letter writing, making calls, etc.  Some of this can be done at home, therefore wherever you are…(in the world)…would be helpful.

TRANSLATIONS:  We are a bilingual organization.  We are here in Puerto Rico and all information must be in both English and Spanish.  We need help like this all the time.

Please message us if you would like to participate as a volunteer.  Any amount of time would be greatly appreciated.  At this time we are not hiring staff, however when we do we are pulling folks from our volunteer pool.  These are the people who have shown and proven their dedication to the mission and will be the ones we look to when jobs become available.  In order to create a successful, prosperous venture we need warm bodies full of motivation and energy to help get things done. Let us know what you would like to do for us.  We are here and we need you.  Thanks for EVERYTHING!!  YAY!

Love and Peas!
Skai Juice


Sexy Stuffed PeppersBaby Sweet Peppers…not the green ones
Brazil Nuts
Nutritional Yeast
Liquid Aminos
Olive Oil

Slice peppers in half the long way. Place aside. In a food processor, blend a hand full of brazil nuts with about 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast, 2 cloves of fresh garlic, about 2 tablespoons of garlic, a bunch of cilantro, a squirt or three of liquid aminos, and a sprinkle of cayenne. Add water to reach the desired consistency…I like the texture of pancake batter…slightly wet and pourable…you may want to use the nut pate as a dressing at some point..My thoughts are I would really like to add as much water to foods as possible especially since the nuts are so fatty. Spoon the nut pate into the peppers. If you like you can eat as is…or you can place them in your dehydrator or in an oven on a low heat…no more than 125 degrees…I usually set the oven to 115. Leave in for at least one to two hours…more if you like. The flavors intensify as waters evaporate. Top with sliced olives.

In joy! skai