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Peace and Love Family!

Our Paradise Wellness Green Smoothie Retreat is upon us. This is a short weekend retreat that allows the guess to enjoy a simple weekend cleansing the system with support from our team and the other guests…while enjoying a few excursions in Puerto Rico. Your retreat involves flying into the San Juan International Airport, being picked up by us, and taken away to your beach side accommodations. There you will be fed a delicious gourmet raw feast, where you will be orientated on the benefits of green smoothies and how they cleanse the body. For the following three days, you will be consuming nothing but green smoothies made with a variety of greens and tropical fruits. Every morning you will have a Yoga class. We will also go on gentle hikes, river and beach swims, and some retail therapy in Old San Juan. OR you can opt to relaxing by the Caribbean Sea. We break the cleanse the next morning with a huge fruit buffet and you are off to the airport.

This entire retreat is discounted for your ease and deposits are being collected now. Retreat cost is $799 for the all inclusive event. Please contact us to ensure your space. Hope to see you in Paradise!

Green Smoothies Paradise Weekend Retreat
March 28 – April 1, 2013
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Call us to book or ask questions! 939 891 9215

Peace and Love!
Skai Juice the Chef

Green Smoothie Paradise Weekend

Come on down to Paradise Wellness for a GREEN SMOOTHIE PARADISE WEEKEND! March 28 – April 1st. All Inclusive, airport transfers, yoga and fitness excursions, raw food demo, unlimited green smoothies, coconut water, salsa dancing, and more! ONLY $799>>>Lovely beachside accommodations included.

This All Liquid Juice Feasting Retreat is featured during the second week of our wellness schedule which goes a little bit deeper. All of the meals during this week will be served liquefied. Juices, Green Smoothies, Energy Soups, and other liquid magic prepared to taste.

Weight loss is just one of the benefits of going on a liquid diet. When one is on a liquid diet, the digestive system is allowed to rest and reprogram itself. Liquid nutrition is easier to digest than solid food and requires less work from our organs to assimilate nutrition. A plant based liquid diet that includes juices and smoothies, will make the skin look younger and more vibrant. This change can happen in the first 24 hours for those who are relatively healthy to begin with. Detoxification, increased energy and improved mood are also benefits of the liquid diet.

The week will begin and end with raw meals.

During this week, the guest will spend more time learning about the healing benefits of detoxing the body systems. Enemas are encouraged. Dry brush massages will be emphasized to increase lymphatic drainage. Excursions will be less strenuous then the previous week…BUT we will still take advantage of the beauty of our island and will venture out to see her.

During the Liquid Detox and Rebuild Retreat guests will experience:

Fresh Organic Fruit and Veggie Juices

Green Smoothies

Energy Soups and other delicious raw soups

Kombucha and other fermented beverages

Coconut Water and other Nourishing Delights

Activities to include:

Yoga and Body Movement

Rainforest Hike

Beach and River Swims

Retail Therapy in Old San Juan

Oil Pulling

Wellness Workshops and Lecture

Health Documentaries

Your Raw Food Island Adventure also includes:

Airport Transfers

Double occupancy accommodations, shared bathroom

Access to Wellness Spa Servicesgreen-smoothies