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For more information, please text us at: 939-891-9215

Juice Cleanse in Puerto Rico

Soak up some Caribbean Sea!
Soak up some Caribbean Sea!

Peace FAMILY!!!

We have two Juice Cleansing experiences!!  A Last minute one for anyone who can get here to PR by May 24 – 30!! For YOU…ONLY $500!!  CALL ME if you want to get in on this one!!

The next one is in July!  Hotter than July!  Yes! Summer Time!  Its here! Come on down and spend some time with me on a one week Power Juice Cleanse!  Summer Special…ONLY $700

Skai Juice has been hosting affordable wellness vacays for over 6 years while living in Puerto Rico. She is a nutritional coach and Vegan and Raw Food Chef. Her wellness retreats are created for folks who are open to checking out Puerto Rico from the islander’s perspective. Her home comfortably houses up to 6 retreat guests and is located right in the heart of the pueblo of Luquillo, PR…right around the corner from world famous Luquillo Beach. While hanging at Casa del Sol you will hear the morning sounds of Roosters, and at different times of the day you will hear the occasional Salsa, Bachata or Reggaeton blaring from a car driving by. Its all part of the culture here.

Skai Juice will guide the group before arriving to Puerto Rico on a transition diet so that we can jump right into juicing for the entire time of the trip. Having the support of several people around you doing the same thing makes it easier. We will be juicing greens, fruits, coconut water, and if necessary Green Smoothies will be added if anyone requires more bulk. Meanwhile we will be going to yoga classes in the morning on the beach and hiking in the rainforest and river and beach swimming. The evenings can be for relaxing at La Pared along the beach, watching fun movies in the house…or even going out to find some good Salsa dancing….that just depends on everyone’s energy level.

Daily Schedule:

  • Juicing all day…mixing it up between Fruit Juices, Green Juices, Coconut Water….and sometimes Green Smoothies
  • Yoga in the AM on the beach…no yoga mat required…just a beach towel
  • Hiking
  • Beaching and River Swimming
  • If you want to do some optional excursions like going to Old San Juan, Loiza…etc…let me know…we will build this into your trip.

The retreat center is actually our humble 5 bedroom house: Casa del Sol in Luquillo, PR…We have been hosting guests for years and have all the common amenities to make one feel comfortable. We do not have air-conditioning, but each room has regular box fans…that keep everyone cool. The house is not typically hot even in the summer unless it’s just one of those days when the seabreeze is not blowing. In that case we take it to the hills. We have a total of 5 bedrooms and two bathrooms which are shared by all.

Fly into Luis Munoz Marin Airport San Juan International (SJU)
Arrive on Sunday, July 26th before 2pm
Depart on Saturday, Aug 1st before 2pm

You must book your shuttle through Luquillo Taxi and Tours at http://www.luquillotaxi.com…the usual rate is $75 per trip and if everyone arrives around the same time you can all split that.

Interested…contact me right away…only space for 5 people!!

Talk to you soon!

Skai Juice
Helping You Create Your Healthy and Abundant Life!

Puerto Rico Health and Wellness Club

 Let’s Meetup and Eat! Welcome Potluck!

Come on by to enjoy a meet and greet. Bring a dish to share for about 10 people. Please let us know what you are bringing so that we do not double up. Please focus on a whole food meal, low carb.. Preferably vegetarian  but some lean meat choices are okay. Let’s talk about where we are going with this group and please invite your friends too! Everyone should bring a dish. Come hungry and ON TIME! Dress: Classy Comfortable!


Please join us for an amazing MEETUP POTLUCK in Luquillo!  Connect with other people who want to eat healthier just like you!

Por favor, únase a nosotros para una POTLUCK MEETUP increíble en Luquillo ! Conecte con otras personas que quieren comer más sano como usted!

Dr Laila Afrika and other stuff

Happy Sunday!

Peace and Love and all that is good and yummy. I just wanted to let you know a few things on the press….

Dr Laila Afrika and his wife, Dr Stevenson will be in Puerto Rico this January and has contacted me to put the word out that they will be offering certifications in Holistic Health. They have a few different programs that they are offering to small groups intererested between Jan 5 and Jan 12. If you are interested in coming down to PR to participate in this awesome education then please message me. I will help to arrange the program and accomodations. Think quick! If you have any questions…feel free to ask.

Next thing, I wanted to share is my amazingly cool teespring campaign…the ALKALIZE Tee! Its time to bring awareness to Acidic diets, Acidic Relationships, and most of all Acidic Mentalities. You can check it out and order one here!! Hurry they are only available for ONE WEEK!

Also, the Wake Up and Live Retreat is being pushed back to April…for folks interested in coming still. The Wake Up and Live Retreat is an extended program…between 14 days and one month where you can have the opportunity to stay in Puerto Rico while I pamper you with a healing diet catered to your needs, a wellness regimen filled with yoga and hiking and time with a personal fitness trainer, and free time for you to reflect about creating your amazing life. Sometimes you need to unplug from it all. Many people showed interest however we believe that the dates were too soon. Let us know your intentions asap! So we have opened February up for smaller retreats. Check out the Paradise Wellness Website for more info! Please mention this 15% discount…extended to all retreats through MARCH 31st! http://www.paradisewellnesspr.com

MONEY, HONEY! We are looking for Youth Group Coordinators to recruit student groups to bring to our farm here in Puerto Rico. Yes, we are paying a stipend, however you must be able to have a group of students to gather together. In other words, you must be a parent or teacher that works in the schools or something of that nature. For more info, please contact Joany Carrasco of the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary. youthjourneypr@gmail.com

Check out this tornado sipping up some Rainbow!


Well, I hope you are all having a deliciously warm and healthy Sunday. I love you all! Love is the true healing for all mankind. Let me know how I can serve you!
Peace and Love!

Skai Juice
Helping You Create Your Healthy and Abundant Life!


If given a chance to unplug from everything, get away, travel to a spectacular Caribbean island to embrace Paradise in a way that you never could imagine, would you do it?


Skai Juice invites you over for an extended stay where she will feed you and guide you through an abundantly healthy lifestyle experience.
Have you ever wanted to take the time to work on you?  Dont you need this?

Relax? Rejuvenate? Re-calibrate? Reset? Come Again? 

We know that it is virtually impossible to do it at home.
Skai Juice will cater to whatever dietary requirements you are seeking.  She is a well versed WHOLISTIC Vegan and Raw Chef specializing in Wellness and Detoxification. She practices the gentle healing arts of creating Peace in the Kitchen!


You can try one of the following dietary regimens or even experiment with a little mix-up!…and if you need guidance on what would be best for your needs, Skai offers a free consultation upon your registration:

Coconut Water Detox Cleanse

Juice Feasting

Green Smoothies

Vegan Raw Detox

Vegan Raw Gourmet


Raw til 4

Vegan Cooked

Vegetarian Paleo (including some fish)

Your preliminary consultation will consider what your goals are during your stay and what you are working on for yourself.  This is the perfect opportunity to WAKE UP AND LIVE! And we cant just do this in a few days. This is a chance for you to watch the sunrise as you walk on the beach every morning, take yoga classes, and get some much needed training by a personal fitness trainer, eat well, get massaged, sight see, go Salsa dancing….and More!


The Big Deal is we are going to have FUN! We are going to laugh and play and create an abundant life while you are here and the goal is for you to take this newly acquired rejuvenation back with you when you go home. When was the last time you did this? ….NEVER?!?




Skai Juice wants you to be able to make this happen and is turned off by similar programs that cater to Celebrities only…that is why she is making this affordable for all people.


Your 14 day program which includes accommodations, nourishment and excursions…Only $1950 (that’s just $140 p/day!!)

And for those who want to take this to the next level and double your experience the 28 day retreat is only $3500 ($125 p/day)

Our Next Wake Up and Live Retreat is scheduled for:

Feb 1 – 14     $1950     $300 Deposit due by Nov 30

Feb 15 – 28    $1950     $300 Deposit due by Nov 30

Feb 1 – 28     $3500   $500 Deposit due by Nov 30 
(an additional 10% off for couples)


Excursions include Coamo Hot Springs, Old San Juan, Culebra and Vieques, Samuel Lind Art Gallery, Rainforest Hiking, Rivers, Beaches, and a taste of Salsa dancing!



What’s Happening Now? TOO MUCH!

Im happy to be back in Puerto Rico.  Even though I visited the states this summer, PR is absolutely HOME!  I mean I feel so comfortable here, it is too much.  Anywho, while I get ready for this farm project, I am still working on the Skai Juice projects.  There are a few jumping off right now:

First of all, I have reformulated Paradise Wellness…since I have to juggle the retreat business and the farm business I have decided to still offer amazing retreats…however not necessarily in the same way.  Now I am offering Personal Wellness Retreats.  The difference is this: Now, you can book whenever you want to come.  I offer modest accommodations at the Sunshine Guest House, prepare your vegan and/or raw meals according to your goals, and offer you wellness coaching.  All this for $150 per day. And then on top of that you can let me know what other things you would like to do here, and I will concierge and arrange all your other excursions…that is if you like.  You some people, in fact, just need to un-plug and REST!  So I offer this here.  Can you imagine getting the most amazingly delicious and healthy foods and juices, coconut water…comfortable accommodations…the beach around the corner…literally a one minute walk…and pure WARM sunshiny healing weather!  You cant beat that NOWHERE!!  Contact me ASAP!  I have already put the word out and folks are coming!!  Its getting cold up there in the North.  As soon as I posted this on FB, several people booked immediately!

Also, Im getting ready to record my Soul Vegan Master Information Series.  This is the information folks want! Ill be downloading my brain with all the info that folks ask me about all the time.  I should be releasing this within the next two weeks.  Make sure you are on the list to get this when I release it! SIGN UP TODAY! http://eepurl.com/EvW1r

And Last but not least… The Farm project is moving forward and we are Sooo in need of volunteers. We have various tasks that need tending to.  And we cant do all the work.  We need you to help!  Whether you are here in Puerto Rico or anywhere else in the world…you can help in small and in big ways.  Here are some of the tasks we need help with:

FARM HANDS: Right now we are looking for hands on help here in PR.  We definitely need help working the land.  Come on down or if you live here come on over!  Please message us for more information.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS: We need help with putting together various projects that are going to help fund the farm.  Right now we are working on the Puerto Rico Junior Chef Competition.  Message us for more information.

FARMER’S MARKET: We should be setting this up shortly.  We need help with getting more farmers. Clean up and Set up. Getting the word out. Getting speakers. Message us for more information.

VOLUNTEER LIASION: We need folks in the states to help get the word out about the farm, especially getting groups to come down from schools and other institutions to learn about farming and permaculture.

ADMINISTRATIVE: You know what this means, letter writing, making calls, etc.  Some of this can be done at home, therefore wherever you are…(in the world)…would be helpful.

TRANSLATIONS:  We are a bilingual organization.  We are here in Puerto Rico and all information must be in both English and Spanish.  We need help like this all the time.

Please message us if you would like to participate as a volunteer.  Any amount of time would be greatly appreciated.  At this time we are not hiring staff, however when we do we are pulling folks from our volunteer pool.  These are the people who have shown and proven their dedication to the mission and will be the ones we look to when jobs become available.  In order to create a successful, prosperous venture we need warm bodies full of motivation and energy to help get things done. Let us know what you would like to do for us.  We are here and we need you.  Thanks for EVERYTHING!!  YAY!

Love and Peas!
Skai Juice


Beautiful day to you!

Well Im back in Puerto Rico! I had a wonderful summer with my family up there in Philly.  Now, I am ready to get back to business…been chilling a little too much. Big tings ah gwan! Interested in winning a Vitamix…you should be…it is a major investment and one of the best ones I have EVER made for my health, family, and my life in general…for real! Keep reading, Ill give you the scoop on this shortly.

First of all, our fundraiser for the farm project is not exactly hitting huge markers like we would have liked to. Our incentive to win an all expense paid trip to Puerto Rico for two people is still active and we just have about 5 more days…so you know what.  Its still ON!  A friend of mine had an Indiegogo campaign that was pretty low at the beginning.  And then all of a sudden at the end of the campaign…people started funding it all over the place.  Dreams do happen!  So, in case you havent heard about it…we are creating an amazing 80 acre, permaculture, organic, sustainable, children’s educational farm here in Puerto Rico…Luquillo to be exact. Its going to be an amazing opportunity for both local children and well as those from abroad to participate in some hands on earth based eco-education.  Your generous donation (really…as low as $10) would help us get started…this is soo important.  Please check out the proposal and see how much time I have worked (the last 3 years) on getting this together…and we are right at the door!  Thanks! Click here to donate…we LOVE YOU!!  >>>>http://igg.me/at/SUSTAINPR/x/377687

Another thing I want to share with you is a little glimpse into our organization here, Muevete Puerto Rico.  I have been on this mission for years and honestly I dont know the first thing about gardening or farming.  Much less, permaculture and biodynamics…its all new to me.  I mean I can compost and sprout and do very basic things.  I can definitely survive in the jungle if need be.  But creating a project like the one we are creating is going to take a certain skill set that I dont have.

In walks, Elise Jenkins… so one day, Im talking to my friend Brad at the Roots and Fruits Juice Bar, telling him that I need help with my garden. And he tells me about Elise, who is helping him.  She was down in Puerto Rico, working at the rainforest, El Yunque, and wanted to do some part time work helping people with their gardens. So, she came and in about one month…we actually had a whole veggie garden producing: pumpkin, a variety of herbs, some micro greens, eggplant was on its way. It was so awesome!

So we started talking about stuff, and I mentioned to her my vision of this farm.  She immediately got excited about it and came to our meetings that I hosted.  At that point I was already in full swing with applying for the land and getting the organization…organized.  At one meeting she even volunteered to be the farm manager…whew!  I was relieved, because she is ALL IN!  Imagine the warm and fuzzy feeling you would get when people support your project, see the vision and jump right in…completely! Its awesome!

Elise has a huge amount of knowledge about gardening, farming, permaculture, and all the other big words. She loves getting dirty…which is something Im still working at…and will be my reality in a few. Im glad that she is on the team, her spirit is EXACTLY what we need to make this project a success!  YAY!

Im going to tell you about the other folks in the organization too…coming soon!

As for now, you gotta check out this amazing contest being held by another amazing health and wellness guru, Kimberly Snyder.  I woke up this morning with this email in my box and I was like…MY PEEPS need to be on this!  I mean if you win a Vitamix through her portal…IM HAPPY!  Share the love! (Just let me know if you do!)  I have one already…but if I win it…I am most likely going to give it away to some one who really needs it!

Scroll down for your chance to win a Vitamix!  And please support our farm project.  Love you all.  Todo Bien!

Peace and Love
Skai Juice
The Chef

Here is her email…you have til TONIGHT at midnight to enter to win! DO IT!

Hi there!

I’m sure you’ve heard how much I absolutely love my Vitamix… I use it every morning to make my GGS and even make soups and chop up nuts with it…in fact I love it so much I’m hosting a giveaway on Facebook!

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Good luck 🙂

With love,