20140409_094835When was the last time you had an opportunity to fly down to Puerto Rico aka PARADISE, relax in a family-style (We live here!) Latin Casita right around the corner from sunrise walks on the beach, yoga, hiking in the rainforest, swimming in the rivers and beaches….and of course…eating award winning Vegan Raw and Cooked cuisine by Chef Skai Juice with juices, green smoothies, fresh picked coconut water???


Yes, we know…it’s either been a long long time…or NEVER!
We offer the ONLY Wellness Vacation in the entire Caribbean that is absolutely AFFORDABLE!! And this is your opportunity to come on down and spend some quality time with Chef Skai, her family and friends…and TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Right now we are offering specials through the end of the year…You must book before Oct 15 with a $150 deposit. Most dates are open…see what specials you qualify for and message us ASAP!

  1. Book your trip for the Month of October by Sept 30th >$500 for 5 days, 4 nights!
  2. Get three friends for a long weekend and your trip is FREE! $1500 for 5 days, 4 nights!
  3. Book your trip through the end of the year by Oct 15 >$125 per night Save $25 per day
  4. One week Coconut Water Cleanse: $500 7 days, 6 nights
    10 Day Juice Cleanse: $875 10 days, 9 nights
  5. Couples Special…two for one: $700 for two, 5 days, 4 nights.     

These specials expire Oct 15!! Effective NOW through OCT 15
Book NOW…Come through the end of the Year! Sept 27 – Dec 31st, 2014
Call or email Right away! 939-891-9215 or


Paradise Wellness retreats hit an all time HIGH!

Peace and Love Family!

How ya doing this new year?  Arent you excited that 2014 is here?  I AM!  It just feels like the opportune time to reset and start all over again.  I wanted to share the specials and events that we are having here in Puerto Rico.  Maybe it will inspire you to come on down and rejuvenate!!

Our New Year’s special is being sold right now!  We will not offer this price for a Wellness retreat AGAIN!  Imagine spending time in Paradise experiencing divine raw foods and juicing, coconut water, yoga and the very impressive rain forest journeys of El Yunque.  You will be amazed at the lush beauty this island has and the healing that it brings.  Contact us and book today!

ONE MORE SPOT LEFT! You should consider the opportunity to cleanse and detox in Paradise with a supporting group, the ability to walk down to the beach, the warmth, the sun, the fresh fruit and the deliciously amazing coconut water and its healing benefits. Reduce weight, release toxins, and empower yourself to begin a healing regimen that is nothing short of miraculous! Contact Skai Juice today and come down to Puerto Rico for our Coconut Water Detox Cleanse this March! The call has been made…

Our Liberation Vacation is one full month of emotional detox and release…we are going deep and we are going to come out on the other side empowered.  It is time to release the crap that is preventing you from achieving your highest potential.  Time to let go of the food addictions that is preventing you from achieving the healthy body you should be living in.

Our Nourishment:
We will start off with one week of all raw, the second week go into liquids: juicing, smoothies, and energy soups, then the third week, we will go deeper with a 5 day coconut water fast…the last week we will reintroduce solids with fruits and light salads.  We will talk about reintroducing food again for proper refeeding when you go back home.

Our Spiritually:
We are going to be doing a variety of things to release the negative issues that each of us has.  We will go to the rainforest and to the beach to perform symbolic rituals to let go of those things.  We will do some hypnotherapy too.  During the 5 day coconut water cleanse, we will host a 3 day silent fast:  No communication, no internet, no electricity…we are going to turn off as much of the outside world as we can, so that we can reflect and work on what we need to rebuild.  After we come out of that we will continue the rebuilding phase with enormous amounts of gratitude creating, realigning with abundance, having fun, laughing, and developing a plan to live a happier, more prosperous, more empowering life.  This is HUGE!

We must fill this retreat in order to do it…due to the fact that we are offering it at such a low rate.  Let us know asap!  Deadline to book your space and make your deposit is Feb 25th!

See!  Amazing things are happening here in Puerto Rico!  Wellness in Paradise…that is what we specialize in.  Hope to see you hear sometime soon.

Love Love Love!

Skai Juice
Paradise Wellness
Puerto Rico
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Peace and Love Family!

Our Paradise Wellness Green Smoothie Retreat is upon us. This is a short weekend retreat that allows the guess to enjoy a simple weekend cleansing the system with support from our team and the other guests…while enjoying a few excursions in Puerto Rico. Your retreat involves flying into the San Juan International Airport, being picked up by us, and taken away to your beach side accommodations. There you will be fed a delicious gourmet raw feast, where you will be orientated on the benefits of green smoothies and how they cleanse the body. For the following three days, you will be consuming nothing but green smoothies made with a variety of greens and tropical fruits. Every morning you will have a Yoga class. We will also go on gentle hikes, river and beach swims, and some retail therapy in Old San Juan. OR you can opt to relaxing by the Caribbean Sea. We break the cleanse the next morning with a huge fruit buffet and you are off to the airport.

This entire retreat is discounted for your ease and deposits are being collected now. Retreat cost is $799 for the all inclusive event. Please contact us to ensure your space. Hope to see you in Paradise!

Green Smoothies Paradise Weekend Retreat
March 28 – April 1, 2013
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Call us to book or ask questions! 939 891 9215

Peace and Love!
Skai Juice the Chef