The Luquillo Farm Sanctuary



Beautiful day to you!

Well Im back in Puerto Rico! I had a wonderful summer with my family up there in Philly.  Now, I am ready to get back to business…been chilling a little too much. Big tings ah gwan! Interested in winning a Vitamix…you should be…it is a major investment and one of the best ones I have EVER made for my health, family, and my life in general…for real! Keep reading, Ill give you the scoop on this shortly.

First of all, our fundraiser for the farm project is not exactly hitting huge markers like we would have liked to. Our incentive to win an all expense paid trip to Puerto Rico for two people is still active and we just have about 5 more days…so you know what.  Its still ON!  A friend of mine had an Indiegogo campaign that was pretty low at the beginning.  And then all of a sudden at the end of the campaign…people started funding it all over the place.  Dreams do happen!  So, in case you havent heard about it…we are creating an amazing 80 acre, permaculture, organic, sustainable, children’s educational farm here in Puerto Rico…Luquillo to be exact. Its going to be an amazing opportunity for both local children and well as those from abroad to participate in some hands on earth based eco-education.  Your generous donation (really…as low as $10) would help us get started…this is soo important.  Please check out the proposal and see how much time I have worked (the last 3 years) on getting this together…and we are right at the door!  Thanks! Click here to donate…we LOVE YOU!!  >>>>

Another thing I want to share with you is a little glimpse into our organization here, Muevete Puerto Rico.  I have been on this mission for years and honestly I dont know the first thing about gardening or farming.  Much less, permaculture and biodynamics…its all new to me.  I mean I can compost and sprout and do very basic things.  I can definitely survive in the jungle if need be.  But creating a project like the one we are creating is going to take a certain skill set that I dont have.

In walks, Elise Jenkins… so one day, Im talking to my friend Brad at the Roots and Fruits Juice Bar, telling him that I need help with my garden. And he tells me about Elise, who is helping him.  She was down in Puerto Rico, working at the rainforest, El Yunque, and wanted to do some part time work helping people with their gardens. So, she came and in about one month…we actually had a whole veggie garden producing: pumpkin, a variety of herbs, some micro greens, eggplant was on its way. It was so awesome!

So we started talking about stuff, and I mentioned to her my vision of this farm.  She immediately got excited about it and came to our meetings that I hosted.  At that point I was already in full swing with applying for the land and getting the organization…organized.  At one meeting she even volunteered to be the farm manager…whew!  I was relieved, because she is ALL IN!  Imagine the warm and fuzzy feeling you would get when people support your project, see the vision and jump right in…completely! Its awesome!

Elise has a huge amount of knowledge about gardening, farming, permaculture, and all the other big words. She loves getting dirty…which is something Im still working at…and will be my reality in a few. Im glad that she is on the team, her spirit is EXACTLY what we need to make this project a success!  YAY!

Im going to tell you about the other folks in the organization too…coming soon!

As for now, you gotta check out this amazing contest being held by another amazing health and wellness guru, Kimberly Snyder.  I woke up this morning with this email in my box and I was like…MY PEEPS need to be on this!  I mean if you win a Vitamix through her portal…IM HAPPY!  Share the love! (Just let me know if you do!)  I have one already…but if I win it…I am most likely going to give it away to some one who really needs it!

Scroll down for your chance to win a Vitamix!  And please support our farm project.  Love you all.  Todo Bien!

Peace and Love
Skai Juice
The Chef

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