Why would you want to do a Coconut Water Cleanse?

Peace and Love and Happy Family!So what would be a reason to do a Coconut Water Cleanse?  Well, pretty much the same reasons you would do a juice cleanse, or a raw food diet cleanse…so that you can eliminate the CRAP out of your system and reboot.  You know how you turn your computer off …wait…then turn it back on.  Same process here.  You have to STOP sometimes and let the body re-calibrate all systems….its sooo healthy for you.Another way I look at it is, how often do you get your oil changed on your car…something like every 3000 miles?  Right?  Ok…when was the last time you removed the sludge and toxins out of your system?  Exactly!

So, Skai, why should I use coconut water?  What about a Juice Cleanse.  Well, I think that Juice cleansing is GREAT!  In fact it is very comparable to a Coconut Water Cleanse….however I think Coconut Water Cleansing is superior in a few ways.

  1. Its easier!  All you have to do is get enough Coconut Water to get you through each day.  Since we are going to be drinking it for 5 days…I estimate that you are going to need about 8 gallons.  Once you have found, and I will help you, an affordable source to get your coconuts then all you have to do is open them and pour them out.  You dont have to cut, clean, juice, clean machines….none of that.
  2. Depending on where you live…it can possibly be more affordable.  This goes back to where you are going to source your coconut water from.  I know that there are some people who actually spend upwards of $25 a day on a Juice cleanse.  And the thing about juicing is that you really should be juicing only Organic produce….and that could be a challenge to get enough some times.
  3. Coconut water tastes good!  Its easy to get it in, you dont have to hold your nose and suck it up.  When you start drinking coconut water, you are like….AWW!  This is easy!  I love it!
  4. And the benefits of drinking Coconut Water are amazing in general….so you multiply them like 10 times when you are consuming it fully and nothing else…
      by Jeremy Safron
      coconuty.jpg (36581 bytes)
    2. The coconut is one of the greatest gifts of this planet.
    3. Coconuts are a prehistoric plant which can survive many months floating at sea.
    4. The coconut is a natural water filter that takes almost 9 months to filter each liter of water. The water travels through many fibers being purified where it is stored away STERILE in the nut itself.
    5. This coconut water is pure clear and is one of the highest sources of electrolytes known to man.
    6. Coconut water is identical to human blood plasma which makes it the universal donor. Plasma makes up 55% of human blood. By drinking coconuts we give ourselves a instant blood transfusion.
    7. Many peoples lives have been saved in 3rd world countries by the coconut IV.
    8. Coconuts in their young stage of growth are the most health enhancing.
    9. Drink at least one a day (I drink 5 or 6).
  5. Coconuts are a great blood purifier.”It’s a natural isotonic beverage, with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It’s the fluid of life, so to speak.” In fact, during the Pacific War of 1941-45, both sides in the conflict regularly used coconut water – siphoned directly from the nut – to give emergency plasma trasfusions to wounded soldiers.Most coconut water is still consumed fresh in tropical coastal areas – once exposed to air, the liquid rapidly loses most of its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, and begins to ferment.
    SOURCE:  www.youngcoconuts.com


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Peace and Coco Water!
Skai the Juice


Release the Grease 2: Day 6

If you get nothing else out of this cleanse I hope you have gotten into the awesome habit of inundating your body with awesome juices and smoothies.  The benefits that you are gaining are something that you should continue even when you start refeeding your body with healthy foods again. The term “juicing” is often associated with fasting. Indeed, juice fasts have become synonymous with cleansing and detoxification, thanks in large part to television infomercials and medical programs.

A juice fast is a commitment for a certain length of time to only consume raw vegetable or fruit juice, water, and herbal non-caffeinated teas.

A popular reason to begin a juice fast, or “cleanse,” is to shed excess weight or to get a running start on a weight-loss program. An often-surprising consequence of a successful cleanse is an improvement in mental clarity, energy levels, skin tone, and sleep quality. Many people report that hey simply feel “lighter” after a juice fast.

The simple explanation of a juice fast resulting in detoxification is this: a body receives all of its nourishment from vegetable juices only; since the digestive system is barely involved in the processing of the juices, it is allowed to rest. When the digestive system is not defending itself against new toxins, it is able to release stored toxins which are surrounded by fat.

As toxin-containing fat cells are released, the body feels lighter and more energetic.

There are many kinds of targeted cleanses, such as the intestinal cleanse, the gall bladder cleanse, and so on. Critics scoff at that level of specificity. In fact, many claim that the human body is perfectly capable of “cleansing” itself as needed.

Fasting/cleansing advocates agree that the body is a miraculous machine. But they point out that modern life with air and water pollution, sedentary lifestyles, and poor, fried-food and sugar-laden diets has created such an imbalance for our body systems that help, in the form of juice fasting, is needed.

A juice fast, whether for weight loss or just general good health, needs to be entered into with serious thought and commitment and planning. Unlike someone who decides to buy a juicer and make a juice to take to the gym each morning, a faster will be consuming juices only, usually six per day.

There may be digestive (constipation and/or diarrhea) issues involved in the first few days of a juice fast. Since that can affect your activities, you may want to schedule a fast for a time when you can be near home with limited work and social obligations. (Transitioning into a fast by making a couple of juices each day and increasing your intake of raw vegetables may help reduce the problem potential.)

You will want to be sure to have a good supply of fresh vegetables and greens on hand. Since you will not be eating any solid foods at all, you can’t simply open the refrigerator for something to “tide you over” until you get out to the supermarket.

Mood swings and sleep issues may be noticeable in the first few days of your juice fast. It may be wise to sit down with your partner or roommates and get them on board with what you are planning.

Interestingly, you may find that you are not tempted by the sights and smells of food in your home or at the grocery store. If your juices are filling enough (14 – 16 ounces each serving), you may be quite satisfied and not feel hungry.

There are no guarantees, of course. A good tip is when you are tempted to snitch an unfinished sandwich—or even munch on a cucumber slice while you are making juice—to visualize your stomach enjoying its vacation from solid foods!
Essentially what we are doing is a “fast”…we are fasting off of cooked solid foods…but its not a true fast.

More on fasting….

Peace and Love
Skai Juice

RELEASE THE GREASE 2: Staying Positive!


Yes, it is!!  Today is your day to kickstart your new life.  I am soooo excited!  For real I am…Im am so ready to release this #$#^$&^%!! Off my body…lol!  Sorry, just being my crazy self….and yes, I am high energy…even in writing.


8 granny smith apples
4 cucumbers
4 stalks of celery
4 – 6 Kale leaves
¼ Lemon (unpeeled) >>>This is going to make your juice nice and strong…if it is too much, then take the peel off.
1” piece of ginger


This should fill up a tall jug…the next thing I do is add water to fill up the gallon.  No more then 1/3 of the bottle.



3 Bananas

1 large scoop of unsweetened Peanut Butter

Almond Milk


Honey to sweeten


This smoothie is good if you need a little more bulk to start you off!

The big thing you have to remember for the next 7 days is that this is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body.  You have to understand this, know this, feel this…and make it your mantra for the next 7 days.  HELL!  For Life!  Make eating and living a healthier lifestyle a MANTRA!  YOUR MANTRA! I firmly believe that saying your affirmations are super empowering…and it’s the only way I can make it through life’s tough situations.  Here are some that I will be using…(have already started)…I have programmed them into my phone so they pop up throughout the day and I say them out loud to the UNIVERSE!! Some of them are months old…I have them on repeat.

Feel free to use these or create your own…Claim exactly what you WANT in this here time!  You can have anything you really want.  Im clear on that!
For tomorrow’s Juice Blend:
1 medium to large Beet
3 Cucumbers
5 Carrots
2 Granny Smith Apples
4 Swiss Chard Leaves
¼ Lime unpeeled

Or Smoothie Blend:

2 Cucumbers

1 Lemon peeled

2 Apples

1 piece of ginger

Honey to taste



Peace and Juice!





Staying positive and determined is the only way to achieve SUCCESS!
Staying positive and determined is the only way to achieve SUCCESS!



What are your GOALS?


Happy Monday!

I just made the bomb green smoothie this morning. It had kale, bananas, blueberries, ginger, coconut water and mango juice in it. Ashe! I remember when breakfast was a big production…a big unhealthy production. I cant do it anymore. Pancakes, potatoes…and for those that eat it…eggs, bacon…etc. Not part of my reality anymore. I look at that type of meal and a super acidic cocktail. If I were to make a big breakfast, I would make a huge fruit salad, oatmeal, smoothies, granola. That type of thing is such a higher vibration…but you know it takes a while to get to that. I think once you start to understand the whole acid alkaline connection you start looking at food and eating differently. I will help with that.

So as I consider guiding folks in my new Wellness Revolutionaries support network, I have come to the realization that folks have different things that they want to do with their health. And it depends on what your goal is as to what direction you are going to go in the Revolution. I have created this chart to help you know what to eat according to where you are in the “Movement”. I always recommend folks to start with a Detox. It is just so important to get the Yuck out of your system when you are transitioning from the Standard American Diet to a true healthy regimen. Now depending on how hard core you want to go you can do either a Juice Cleanse, a Coconut Water Feast, or a Water Fast. They are all beneficial. And naturally the Juice Cleanse is going to be less invasive while the Water Fast will be a lot more in depth. But it must be something you can commit to for a period of time without jumping off. Usually when you start to eat something you have ended the progress and you would normally have to start over. We will get into this more later.

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Also, a Detox is not something you want to do long term, especially unsupervised. Many people have done 60 – 90 day Juice Cleanses, but I don’t think it is absolutely necessary not to mention that it is extremely difficult and very expensive too. Many people feel like they can lose weight on a Detox and they can. However I don’t believe that it is advisable to use a Detox for weight loss. Its actually kinda of stressful. You go in it for the wrong reasons. Detox should be something that you want to do to heal your body of slug, yuck, addictions, poor eating and the like. I consider a Detox an oil change. You should do it a few times a year.

If you are interested in losing weight I suggest that you follow a raw diet which will also include juicing, smoothies, and lots and lots of salads. You need to love salads here. This is the turkey on the table. The main event! And of course with your raw food eating…you need to work out more. You have got to find something you like in regards to moving your body and make a commitment in incorporating it into your lifestyle.

Once you get to where you want to be. You can start introducing some cooked foods into your life while maintaining a high raw approach. You would still be consuming your juices and smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and then for dinner a whole food meal, which can be something like stir fry veggies, with beans and quinoa. And that is just an example. You can actually make so many different dishes which we plan to explore as well.

So, now get ready to make some changes. Study the chart and figure out where you are. Are you ready to Detox? Have you done so already and need to just lose weight? Or are you pretty much there and you just want to maintain your already healthy lifestyle? Let me know. I would love to hear where you are and what your goals are.

Enjoy this Chart I created for you….and JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!! …If you havent already…http://eepurl.com/Bc9e9

Skai's Optimal Eating Guide
Enjoy the Revolution! The Health Revolution!

Skai’s Summer 10-Day Juice Cleanse: July 8th – July 17th

Peace and Love All! 

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Peace Skai