Let’s Cure Diabetes!


Join Skai Juice tomorrow evening for a discussion about healing your life of Diabetes…once and for all!

Sunday, July 19th

7pm EST

Call in number: 712-432-0075

Passcode: 537-927

If you are not able to make it…it will be recorded…please sign up here for the mailing list so you can get reminders and the recording.

See you soon and bring a friend!

Love ya, Skai!



STOP messaging me asking me for the best juice recipe for ___________________ (fill in the blank). There is no ONE recipe that is good for any ONE thing. Try instead to embrace a wellness lifestyle. Eliminate eating all that CRAP that you are so ADDICTED too! Yes, YOU! Processed food, McShit’s…and the rest of them. Stop feeding your children food in a box where you a water and stir. Learn how to cook. Learn how to blend and make your foods with the least amount of manipulation as possible. Get as much GREEN in to your body as you can…this is OXYGEN for your blood. You are kiling yourself…but worried about how you look in the mirror with fake hair and makeup. Wake up people! There is no miracle! It has taken you 20- 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 years to get sick, have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Yeast Infections, Rotten Teeth, Bad Skin, Poor Digestion. You must realize that you are doing it all wrong! You must realize that soon enough, if it hasnt happened, you will get an terrible ailment. Lets work together to educate each other on how we can live together HEALTHFULLY! Its Love Babee! Dont mean to scare you…but the truth IS these times we are living in are the most sickest times humans have ever lived in the HISTORY of mankind. Does that send chills down your bones? It does me. Ill do my best. Lets help one another. Put down the burger, put down the pizza, put down the booze, put down the cigarettes, put down the sodas and sugar! Lets get healthier! Lets make our life the best and juiciest we can! Love to you all! 

Skai Juice

What’s Happening Now? TOO MUCH!

Im happy to be back in Puerto Rico.  Even though I visited the states this summer, PR is absolutely HOME!  I mean I feel so comfortable here, it is too much.  Anywho, while I get ready for this farm project, I am still working on the Skai Juice projects.  There are a few jumping off right now:

First of all, I have reformulated Paradise Wellness…since I have to juggle the retreat business and the farm business I have decided to still offer amazing retreats…however not necessarily in the same way.  Now I am offering Personal Wellness Retreats.  The difference is this: Now, you can book whenever you want to come.  I offer modest accommodations at the Sunshine Guest House, prepare your vegan and/or raw meals according to your goals, and offer you wellness coaching.  All this for $150 per day. And then on top of that you can let me know what other things you would like to do here, and I will concierge and arrange all your other excursions…that is if you like.  You some people, in fact, just need to un-plug and REST!  So I offer this here.  Can you imagine getting the most amazingly delicious and healthy foods and juices, coconut water…comfortable accommodations…the beach around the corner…literally a one minute walk…and pure WARM sunshiny healing weather!  You cant beat that NOWHERE!!  Contact me ASAP!  I have already put the word out and folks are coming!!  Its getting cold up there in the North.  As soon as I posted this on FB, several people booked immediately!

Also, Im getting ready to record my Soul Vegan Master Information Series.  This is the information folks want! Ill be downloading my brain with all the info that folks ask me about all the time.  I should be releasing this within the next two weeks.  Make sure you are on the list to get this when I release it! SIGN UP TODAY! http://eepurl.com/EvW1r

And Last but not least… The Farm project is moving forward and we are Sooo in need of volunteers. We have various tasks that need tending to.  And we cant do all the work.  We need you to help!  Whether you are here in Puerto Rico or anywhere else in the world…you can help in small and in big ways.  Here are some of the tasks we need help with:

FARM HANDS: Right now we are looking for hands on help here in PR.  We definitely need help working the land.  Come on down or if you live here come on over!  Please message us for more information.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS: We need help with putting together various projects that are going to help fund the farm.  Right now we are working on the Puerto Rico Junior Chef Competition.  Message us for more information.

FARMER’S MARKET: We should be setting this up shortly.  We need help with getting more farmers. Clean up and Set up. Getting the word out. Getting speakers. Message us for more information.

VOLUNTEER LIASION: We need folks in the states to help get the word out about the farm, especially getting groups to come down from schools and other institutions to learn about farming and permaculture.

ADMINISTRATIVE: You know what this means, letter writing, making calls, etc.  Some of this can be done at home, therefore wherever you are…(in the world)…would be helpful.

TRANSLATIONS:  We are a bilingual organization.  We are here in Puerto Rico and all information must be in both English and Spanish.  We need help like this all the time.

Please message us if you would like to participate as a volunteer.  Any amount of time would be greatly appreciated.  At this time we are not hiring staff, however when we do we are pulling folks from our volunteer pool.  These are the people who have shown and proven their dedication to the mission and will be the ones we look to when jobs become available.  In order to create a successful, prosperous venture we need warm bodies full of motivation and energy to help get things done. Let us know what you would like to do for us.  We are here and we need you.  Thanks for EVERYTHING!!  YAY!

Love and Peas!
Skai Juice

Release the Grease 2: Day 3

Day 3! YAHOO!

Eating your vegetables takes on a whole new meaning when you begin juicing. The brilliant colors alone are fascinating to watch as they come through the spout of your juicer.

Here are some health benefits that have been attributed to vegetables you are probably familiar with. These all make for great juice ingredients—how many have you juiced lately?

Note: the following list is certainly not neither exhaustive, and it is not claiming to provide medical advice. The intent is to illustrate the wide spectrum of beneficial nutrients believed to be available in vegetables and vegetable juices.

* Arugula – considered one of the most anti-cancer foods

* Asparagus – a super food, good diuretic, helps regulate blood sugar levels, has folic acid

* Beets, also called beetroot – helps to cleanse the blood and support the liver

* Bell peppers – chromium, lots of phytochemicals with good antioxidant value

* Broccoli – high in vitamin C, vitamin K, beta-carotene, promotes health vision

* Cabbage – red cabbage and green cabbage – coats and helps protect colon and digestive system

* Carrots – high amounts of vitamin A, chromium, carotene prevents free-radical damage to the body

* Celery – helps cleanse uric acid from digestive system, very alkalizing

* Chard (aka Swiss chard or silver beet) – vitamin A, potassium, manganese

* Collard greens – calcium protect against colon diseases

* Cucumbers – natural diuretic, good source of silicon, which is good for skin and hair

* Parsnips –  chromium, which regulates metabolism

* Parsley – with high levels of chlorophyll, fights parasites and cleanses the liver

* Radishes – known for opening up the sinuses

* Rutabagas (yellow turnips) – regular consumption helps increase stamina

* Spinach – vitamins A and K, folic acid

* Sweet peppers – vitamins A, B and C

* Sweet potatoes – vitamin A source, beta-carotene, help with arthritis and other types of inflammation

* Tomatoes – lycopene, which provides the red color, is a strong antioxidant

* Turnip greens – vitamin K, calcium, zinc which is associated with lower body fat levels

* Turnip – traditionally used as a remedy to strengthen lung tissue

All rich green vegetables contain some chlorophyll. (Do you remember that term from high school Biology??).   This can help clean our elimination systems, which can then clean our blood and lymph systems.

Chlorophyll can have other positive effects on our bodies as it helps to improve our circulation, relieve inflammatory pain, destroy bacteria and purify our livers.

Because chlorophyll, via green juices, is such a powerful benefactor to our bodies, you should strive to get some green juicing in on a regular basis. Starting out with greens combined with other juices (fruits, milder vegetables) may make it more palatable for you if you are a beginning juicer.

The nice thing about juicing is that by combining fruits and vegetables that contain specific nutrients, you can target certain concerns, like belly fat, urinary tract infections, or high blood pressure.  For Real!

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT:  Check out this video by Loren Lockman of the Tanglewood Institute….I like the way he talks about what the optimal diet is and how the body actually heals itself.  This is short…only about 8 mins.  Let me know what you think the optimal diet is.