Paradise Wellness is located in PUERTO RICO!! Wepa!

We chose Puerto Rico for our center for many reasons, but the primary reason is because it is such an amazingly beautiful place.  That in itself promotes healing!  When you look out to the view and see breathtaking hills and beaches, and vibrant blue skies…There is nothing you can do but take a very deep Breath.  Another observation is that Puerto Rico is really an Energy vortex of some sort.  No one really has ever officially said that except for Chef Skai, but like she says she can feel it.  Most commonly found in Sedona, Arizona, an energy vortex is famed to be a hot spot for a type of electromagnet subterranean current which may be either positively or negatively charged.  Many have claimed healings, visions, and epiphanies of all kinds when caught within the esoteric confines of vortex activity.  Puerto Rico radiates with this type of energy.   Its healing Rainforest seems to electrify all those that take her on.  Hiking through El Yunque is essential when visiting.

Not only is El Yunque a must see, but the green rolling hills are abundant and stellar.  There are many rivers and waterfalls, with fresh coolling water that many people visit daily.  There are also, Hot Thermal Springs…alkalinized naturally by the earth.  We consider them “Fountains of Youth”.  And you can tell because you see how the elderly are drawn to them.
Puerto Rico is the ideal climate for living a holistic lifestyle.  It is the perfect weather for growing food, eating raw and vegan, dressing lightly and just being comfortable.  There is little need for much energy use, however we do have air-conditioned rooms for your comfort.

For those that live Stateside, PR is a hop, skip and a jump from the US Mainland.  That means that traveling is easier, faster, and more affordable.  And you are technically still in the United States, but really that is only politically…because most people will let you know how much of a nation Puerto Rico is.  No passport is required.  All you need is an up to date State issued Identification to get on a plane.  If you are flying from any of the major airports…Florida, NY, Chicago… you can get some amazingly inexpensive flights.  Check out our link for travel arrangements.

And possibly one of the most special things about Puerto Rico is its people.  The people here are some of the kindest that you will ever meet.  Culturally, they don’t like to cause problems or confrontations, so they always choose peace in almost all situations.  And we are mostly talking about the country folks.   One thing we have noticed is that the Puerto Rican diet is attributing to major health ailments here.  Our goal is to enlighten our fellow “compadres” about the benefits of incorporating more raw food into their diet.  We hope you can help with this too!

See you soon in Puerto Rico!

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