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Join our group today…We are starting in a few days to go completely SUGAR FREE for September…we have allied with another larger group in South Afrika and there are over 10,000 people participating worldwide…however WE are doing it VEGETARIAN STYLE!! Join my group here>>>

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Paradise Wellness retreats hit an all time HIGH!

Peace and Love Family!

How ya doing this new year?  Arent you excited that 2014 is here?  I AM!  It just feels like the opportune time to reset and start all over again.  I wanted to share the specials and events that we are having here in Puerto Rico.  Maybe it will inspire you to come on down and rejuvenate!!

Our New Year’s special is being sold right now!  We will not offer this price for a Wellness retreat AGAIN!  Imagine spending time in Paradise experiencing divine raw foods and juicing, coconut water, yoga and the very impressive rain forest journeys of El Yunque.  You will be amazed at the lush beauty this island has and the healing that it brings.  Contact us and book today!

ONE MORE SPOT LEFT! You should consider the opportunity to cleanse and detox in Paradise with a supporting group, the ability to walk down to the beach, the warmth, the sun, the fresh fruit and the deliciously amazing coconut water and its healing benefits. Reduce weight, release toxins, and empower yourself to begin a healing regimen that is nothing short of miraculous! Contact Skai Juice today and come down to Puerto Rico for our Coconut Water Detox Cleanse this March! The call has been made…

Our Liberation Vacation is one full month of emotional detox and release…we are going deep and we are going to come out on the other side empowered.  It is time to release the crap that is preventing you from achieving your highest potential.  Time to let go of the food addictions that is preventing you from achieving the healthy body you should be living in.

Our Nourishment:
We will start off with one week of all raw, the second week go into liquids: juicing, smoothies, and energy soups, then the third week, we will go deeper with a 5 day coconut water fast…the last week we will reintroduce solids with fruits and light salads.  We will talk about reintroducing food again for proper refeeding when you go back home.

Our Spiritually:
We are going to be doing a variety of things to release the negative issues that each of us has.  We will go to the rainforest and to the beach to perform symbolic rituals to let go of those things.  We will do some hypnotherapy too.  During the 5 day coconut water cleanse, we will host a 3 day silent fast:  No communication, no internet, no electricity…we are going to turn off as much of the outside world as we can, so that we can reflect and work on what we need to rebuild.  After we come out of that we will continue the rebuilding phase with enormous amounts of gratitude creating, realigning with abundance, having fun, laughing, and developing a plan to live a happier, more prosperous, more empowering life.  This is HUGE!

We must fill this retreat in order to do it…due to the fact that we are offering it at such a low rate.  Let us know asap!  Deadline to book your space and make your deposit is Feb 25th!

See!  Amazing things are happening here in Puerto Rico!  Wellness in Paradise…that is what we specialize in.  Hope to see you hear sometime soon.

Love Love Love!

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Release the Grease 2: Day 3

Day 3! YAHOO!

Eating your vegetables takes on a whole new meaning when you begin juicing. The brilliant colors alone are fascinating to watch as they come through the spout of your juicer.

Here are some health benefits that have been attributed to vegetables you are probably familiar with. These all make for great juice ingredients—how many have you juiced lately?

Note: the following list is certainly not neither exhaustive, and it is not claiming to provide medical advice. The intent is to illustrate the wide spectrum of beneficial nutrients believed to be available in vegetables and vegetable juices.

* Arugula – considered one of the most anti-cancer foods

* Asparagus – a super food, good diuretic, helps regulate blood sugar levels, has folic acid

* Beets, also called beetroot – helps to cleanse the blood and support the liver

* Bell peppers – chromium, lots of phytochemicals with good antioxidant value

* Broccoli – high in vitamin C, vitamin K, beta-carotene, promotes health vision

* Cabbage – red cabbage and green cabbage – coats and helps protect colon and digestive system

* Carrots – high amounts of vitamin A, chromium, carotene prevents free-radical damage to the body

* Celery – helps cleanse uric acid from digestive system, very alkalizing

* Chard (aka Swiss chard or silver beet) – vitamin A, potassium, manganese

* Collard greens – calcium protect against colon diseases

* Cucumbers – natural diuretic, good source of silicon, which is good for skin and hair

* Parsnips –  chromium, which regulates metabolism

* Parsley – with high levels of chlorophyll, fights parasites and cleanses the liver

* Radishes – known for opening up the sinuses

* Rutabagas (yellow turnips) – regular consumption helps increase stamina

* Spinach – vitamins A and K, folic acid

* Sweet peppers – vitamins A, B and C

* Sweet potatoes – vitamin A source, beta-carotene, help with arthritis and other types of inflammation

* Tomatoes – lycopene, which provides the red color, is a strong antioxidant

* Turnip greens – vitamin K, calcium, zinc which is associated with lower body fat levels

* Turnip – traditionally used as a remedy to strengthen lung tissue

All rich green vegetables contain some chlorophyll. (Do you remember that term from high school Biology??).   This can help clean our elimination systems, which can then clean our blood and lymph systems.

Chlorophyll can have other positive effects on our bodies as it helps to improve our circulation, relieve inflammatory pain, destroy bacteria and purify our livers.

Because chlorophyll, via green juices, is such a powerful benefactor to our bodies, you should strive to get some green juicing in on a regular basis. Starting out with greens combined with other juices (fruits, milder vegetables) may make it more palatable for you if you are a beginning juicer.

The nice thing about juicing is that by combining fruits and vegetables that contain specific nutrients, you can target certain concerns, like belly fat, urinary tract infections, or high blood pressure.  For Real!

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT:  Check out this video by Loren Lockman of the Tanglewood Institute….I like the way he talks about what the optimal diet is and how the body actually heals itself.  This is short…only about 8 mins.  Let me know what you think the optimal diet is.

What are your GOALS?


Happy Monday!

I just made the bomb green smoothie this morning. It had kale, bananas, blueberries, ginger, coconut water and mango juice in it. Ashe! I remember when breakfast was a big production…a big unhealthy production. I cant do it anymore. Pancakes, potatoes…and for those that eat it…eggs, bacon…etc. Not part of my reality anymore. I look at that type of meal and a super acidic cocktail. If I were to make a big breakfast, I would make a huge fruit salad, oatmeal, smoothies, granola. That type of thing is such a higher vibration…but you know it takes a while to get to that. I think once you start to understand the whole acid alkaline connection you start looking at food and eating differently. I will help with that.

So as I consider guiding folks in my new Wellness Revolutionaries support network, I have come to the realization that folks have different things that they want to do with their health. And it depends on what your goal is as to what direction you are going to go in the Revolution. I have created this chart to help you know what to eat according to where you are in the “Movement”. I always recommend folks to start with a Detox. It is just so important to get the Yuck out of your system when you are transitioning from the Standard American Diet to a true healthy regimen. Now depending on how hard core you want to go you can do either a Juice Cleanse, a Coconut Water Feast, or a Water Fast. They are all beneficial. And naturally the Juice Cleanse is going to be less invasive while the Water Fast will be a lot more in depth. But it must be something you can commit to for a period of time without jumping off. Usually when you start to eat something you have ended the progress and you would normally have to start over. We will get into this more later.

Interested in becoming a WELLNESS REVOLUTIONARY??

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Also, a Detox is not something you want to do long term, especially unsupervised. Many people have done 60 – 90 day Juice Cleanses, but I don’t think it is absolutely necessary not to mention that it is extremely difficult and very expensive too. Many people feel like they can lose weight on a Detox and they can. However I don’t believe that it is advisable to use a Detox for weight loss. Its actually kinda of stressful. You go in it for the wrong reasons. Detox should be something that you want to do to heal your body of slug, yuck, addictions, poor eating and the like. I consider a Detox an oil change. You should do it a few times a year.

If you are interested in losing weight I suggest that you follow a raw diet which will also include juicing, smoothies, and lots and lots of salads. You need to love salads here. This is the turkey on the table. The main event! And of course with your raw food eating…you need to work out more. You have got to find something you like in regards to moving your body and make a commitment in incorporating it into your lifestyle.

Once you get to where you want to be. You can start introducing some cooked foods into your life while maintaining a high raw approach. You would still be consuming your juices and smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and then for dinner a whole food meal, which can be something like stir fry veggies, with beans and quinoa. And that is just an example. You can actually make so many different dishes which we plan to explore as well.

So, now get ready to make some changes. Study the chart and figure out where you are. Are you ready to Detox? Have you done so already and need to just lose weight? Or are you pretty much there and you just want to maintain your already healthy lifestyle? Let me know. I would love to hear where you are and what your goals are.

Enjoy this Chart I created for you….and JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!! …If you havent already…

Skai's Optimal Eating Guide
Enjoy the Revolution! The Health Revolution!

Skai’s Summer 10-Day Juice Cleanse: July 8th – July 17th

Peace and Love All! 

We are on the very first day of our 10-day Juice Cleanse.  We hope you are interested in participating still…you can still join…and get all the information you need, the support you need…and even one on one emails…ALL FREE!

Check it out here: 

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Have you ever heard of Intermittent Fasting?


Peace and Love Family!

Happy Fall!  It’s here…and I am assuming that most of you all live in an area where the leaves are turning colors.  That was always one of the most beautiful times of the year to me when I was living in the states.  Right now we are experiencing a similar beautiful time here in Puerto Rico.  People always get scared because it is Hurricane season, so they don’t travel as much.  But the weather is super nice during this time.  I love going to the beach where the water is nice and warm.  It is like bathing in a giant bath tub.

So, big things are happening here with us and we wanted to share them with you.  First of all, we are still moving forward with our Indiegogo Campaign.  We haven’t had many hits but we are grateful to those who have helped us. We are working on building our marketing fund so that we can boost Paradise Wellness out into the atmosphere.  We would love it if you could participate in any way.  Go check out the page on Indiegogo and if nothing less please share it with a bunch of your friends.  We only have 25 days left so your urgency would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Next thing on the list is we are hiring Ambassadors around the world that will also help with our marketing campaigns.  If you are interested in making some nice money, then message me asap.  We are looking for people whom are connected in different venues.  We want them to help sell Paradise Wellness by either booking clients or by creating group packages.  It can be easy for the right person.  Message me for more details.

Have you ever heard of intermittent fasting?  I have but I never delved into it until recently…I guess because more and more people are talking about it.  I see a lot of bodybuilders talking about it on Youtube.  Basically it is not a diet or anything like that.  Intermittent fasting just tells you when to eat and when not to eat.  It is not true fasting in the sense of a 21 day water fast.  You actually eat everyday.  However your window of eating is reduced. So, instead of eating all day long you eat only within a few hours…some people do six hours, some four hours.  I guess it depends on what you are trying to do.  These guys who do it and trying to reduce their body fat down by percentages.

Im not a bodybuilder but I can afford to reduce my fat so Im gonna try it.  I think the morning part will be really easy.  I don’t usually eat breakfast anyway, but it’s those late nights when I love a snack or two. So like everything else this will require real discipline. Check out this FREE ebook you can check out to see what you think about it.  Once again…all of this is experimental.  I think that everyone is trying to find what works best for them…I know I am.  Remember this is about eating healthy still.  These folks who came up with this are not necessarily vegan, vegetarian or anything even close.  This is about when to eat, not what to eat….you get it!


Have a grand day!

Holla Back! When you can!  Peace!

Skai Juice

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Water Fasting

By Loren Lockman

If you’re suffering from health challenges of any kind, you may want to take a look at the ancient, and amazing practice of fasting. Not well understood by many today, fasting has been used for time immemorial to address problems of all kinds.

Virtually all animals employ fasting in times of sickness or injury.

You may have seen a cat or a dog (or any other animal) lie down and refuse food when ill. Though people often believe that this is a “bad” thing and that the animal will be harmed by its stubborn refusal to eat, in fact, the animal is simply following its instincts and nature’s dictates and giving its body the optimal conditions in which to deal with virtually any problem.

Rumi, the great 11th century poet and mystic extolled the virtues of fasting. Pythagoras understood the impact that a clean body has on the brain, and insisted that all prospective students fast for six weeks before he would tutor them.

After Gandhi was assassinated at 77, his doctors commented that his organs looked like those of a 35 year old. Their only explanation was the extensive fasting he had done.

Plutarch said, “Instead of medicine, fast for a day.” This remains excellent advice. At the first sign of a cold or flu, or any other acute illness, if you will take to bed and cease eating, your body will have the opportunity to cleanse and heal itself much more quickly.

The benefits that can accrue to us via fasting are numerous and varied. Fasting is not magic, though it often seems so. It is simply nature’s way of allowing the organism the best possible conditions in which to cleanse and heal itself.

Heart disease affects 50% of all Americans. Last year, a peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal proved that fasting is three times as effective as hypertension medications at reducing high blood pressure.

It’s helpful to understand that virtually all symptoms that we experience are evidence that the body is attempting to heal itself. Sinus congestion, fever, swelling, even pain, are created by the body on purpose, and are nothing more than evidence that the body is working to address some problem and restore balance, or homeostasis. When the body is given an opportunity to cleanse and heal, all manner of symptoms may arise, and they often do.

Sometimes, those who don’t understand this will believe that the fast has made them sick. In fact, by ceasing to squander the body’s energy on unnecessary activities (including, temporarily, eating!), much more energy is available to cleanse and heal. The appearance of symptoms simply indicates that these processes have begun.

It is always the body that heals itself. Remedies of all kinds generally treat symptoms, not causes, and it is only by eliminating the cause of a problem that we can expect to solve the problem.

Taking a decongestant may relieve the discomfort, but it does nothing to eliminate the actual problem, which was a toxic substance in the body. With its means of elimination paralyzed by the drug, the body is forced to store these toxins, furthering the body’s build-up of them, and eventually creating chronic disease.

If you’ve been eating a Standard American Diet for 20, 30, 40 years or more, your body probably has a lot of stored debris. Additionally, as the body becomes overburdened with the toxins brought in from outside (exogenous) sources from our diet, water, and the environment, it’s also becoming overburdened with toxins created inside the body (endogenous). These endogenous toxins are the waste products of cellular metabolism. When a system is heavily burdened, it’s unable to process and eliminate the cellular wastes quickly enough, and these wastes build up.

Many years ago, French scientist Alexis Carrel won the Nobel prize for keeping the cells of a chicken heart alive for 32 years. He accomplished this by keeping the cells’ fluid bath clean, changing it twice a day. In fact, the cells only died when a research assistant neglected to change their bath one day.

Like the chicken heart cells, we can improve our health and extend our life by providing our internal organs with a clean environment. Fasting is the most effective and efficient way to allow the body to cleanse itself of all wastes, both exogenous and endogenous.

Fasting means different things to different people. I use the textbook definition: “the complete abstinence from all nutrients.” Though people talk about “juice fasting” or “fruit fasting,” these terms are misnomers. Because fruit and vegetable juices contain nutrients, taking only juices is more appropriately termed a “juice diet.” The same is true for long monodiets like the melon or grape diet.

Though many believe that juices and certain foods are “cleansing,” this isn’t true. Rather, simple diets of juices or water-rich fruits allow the body a much greater chance to cleanse itself than it has while eating a typical diet. Though the body detoxifies more than usual while consuming a lighter diet, this is very different than what happens while truly fasting.

There are beneficial physiological changes that occur in the complete absence of nutrients. The body goes through a series of steps to meet its constant glucose needs, looking first to the digestive tract, next to glycogen stores in the liver, then to muscle tissue to create glucose, and finally, to adipose tissue. This last step doesn’t happen if there are any nutrients coming in.

This is important because we retain toxins primarily in the adipose tissue – our long-term fat stores. With nutrients coming in, the body never switches to burning adipose tissue as a primary source of fuel. The result of this is that so-called “juice fasts” are generally much easier on the body because there is much less detoxification going on.

Though one can expect to experience some discomfort while fasting, the degree varies greatly and depends on the specific conditions of the faster. Most people enjoy the process and find it relatively painless.

There are some typical symptoms that one may expect to experience. As mentioned earlier, fasting is the most effective way to treat high blood pressure. Within days of beginning a fast, most people will see their blood pressure begin to drop. In cases where there is a lot of arterial plaque, blood pressure may go up first, as these fatty deposits are broken down and released into the bloodstream, thickening the blood.

There is no cause for concern in either case. However, when fasting, you are very likely to experience dizziness upon standing up quickly, and this can be dangerous if you pass out and hurt yourself when you fall. Take the precaution of sitting up first when getting up from a lying position, rise slowly, and brace yourself if possible.

Aches and pains, cold and flu symptoms, congestion, headache, and many other symptoms may also arise. One thing that often happens is that people find their internal organs. Many people are not really aware of their internal organs, and don’t know where they are. When fasting, it is not unusual to feel some aches in these organs, especially the liver and kidneys, which are the primary organs of detoxification. They will likely be working much harder than usual, and you may feel some pain there as a result.

It is also not unusual to experience aches and pains in old injuries. Injuries that healed improperly or incompletely tend to improve while fasting. When given a chance, the body goes back in and begins the work of completing these repairs. They may hurt while this is going on. This is the body’s way of reminding us to stay off them while they are healing.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve supervised people with almost every condition imaginable through fasts ranging from a few days to nearly 10 weeks. The results have been almost uniformly very positive. This should not surprise us though – the human body is incredibly resilient, and given the opportunity and ideal conditions, is almost always capable of healing itself.

How long your fast should be depends on your conditions. The average person has a six to eight week reserve of nutrients, and can safely fast that long, if she does it properly. Few people ever need to fast that long, though most would undoubtedly benefit from it.

Fasting properly means following the natural model: the sick animal lies still throughout the fast. Fasting means complete physiological rest, so this is the ideal way. I encourage my clients to spend as much time as possible resting comfortably with their eyes closed. Attempting to fast while continuing one’s normal routine is a recipe for disaster, as the body becomes quickly exhausted.

If fasting is a safe and natural process, why would anyone need supervision? No one does. However, many people find that they fare much better when in the proper supportive environment, and under experienced supervision.

There are some contraindications for fasting, though they are few and far between. I believe that almost everyone can safely fast, and will benefit greatly from doing so. Some exceptions to this are women who are pregnant or nursing, anyone who is emaciated for any reason, or anyone with extreme nutritional deficiencies.

Fasting in pregnancy or lactation results in an overload of toxins to the baby. Because fasting means that the body is living on nutrient reserves, those who are emaciated for any reason literally cannot fast. They can refrain from eating, but rather than fasting, they will be starving. In the first case, the body is being fed on non-essential reserve tissue. In the second case, when no reserves are present, the body will consume vital tissue. The body is intelligent enough to distinguish between the two.

The emotional component to this process is also very important. Fasting is an opportunity to clear out long-suppressed emotional “baggage.” The results of this part of the process can be amazing, and coupled with the rejuvenative physical effects, make fasting a very powerful tool.

If you’re having any trouble sticking to your chosen raw diet, you will also benefit from fasting. When you eliminate all of the toxins from your system, you will cease to crave any of the non-foods that still have a hold on you.

If you’re not already experiencing perfect health, you may want to investigate fasting. You’ll want to examine all of your diet and lifestyle choices to achieve this lofty goal, and fasting is a good way to start.

Loren Lockman directs the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Panama, where he supervises fasts, counsels clients one-on-one and teaches the principles of natural law. Loren can be reached by going to:

We are interviewing Loren during the 21 DAY DETOX CLEANSE AND FORUM this Sept 15 8pm EST. Please stay tuned.

Peace and Greens
Skai Juice the Chef