Packing List when traveling to Paradise Wellness

Our packing list includes what to bring not only to enjoy your stay here at Paradise Wellness, but also should you decide to embark on any other ventures around Puerto Rico.

Our wish is to prepare you for the most memorable healing vacation of your life, and assist you to prepare ahead.  Once you have prepared well for your inner healing journey, you can leave your rational mind behind, and really let go! We have compiled a list of items that we wouldn’t leave home without!  Our weather can change rapidly and it tends to be warm during the day when the sun is up, and a little chilly when it goes down.  It can rain at  any moment, due to  the fact that we are located less than a mile from the rainforest.  But the rain usually lasts for a short while.

Preparing your luggage:

Always place an identifiable marker on your luggage (red polka dot ribbon, etc.) Compile your Emergency Contact information and Health Insurance Information on your person, for travel and to submit when you arrive.

Planning your wardrobe:

For all of your activities you will need this basic set of items.  Always be prepared . Your length of stay, will affect the amount to pack, but remember that you will have access to our on-site laundry room so don’t over pack! Remember to keep it simple.  And should you need any additional items, there is a local Walmart and Kmart a few miles away.

Here is an ideal list of things to pack:

Sandals or Flip flops
Hiking Boots, Lightweight with traction
Athletic Shoes, a pair of comfortable sandals (sandals that allow for walking in water are handy for hiking)
Casual Comfortable Clothing
Athletic wear of choice (sports bra for yoga and stretching)
Bathrobe, optional
Brim hat for sun protection
Rain poncho
Beach Towel


Cell phone, Toiletry Bag, RX medications, herbal remedies, vitamins, Camera and film, Journal and writing utensils, Water bottle, and Personal Yoga mat.  You can also bring your Laptop for personal web use…we have wireless internet.

Consider leaving these things behind:
Out of consideration to those around you, and your own inner peace, we recommend that our guests need not bring the following items:

Perfumes, and synthetic hair or body products (some of our guests are sensitive to strong perfumes), aerosols, valuables (bring only the jewelry that is needed).


Carla: Our Raja Yoga and Meditation Expert

The practice of yoga can benefit greatly to achieve
optimal health and well-being, regardless of age or
physical condition.  This basic yoga class aims to help
each student gain the knowledge to increase body
flexibility, tone the muscles and increase physical and
emotional strength.

Carla’s practice and classes are mainly based on the
personal teachings learned from Raja Yoga teacher,
Grand Master Adam Nguyen.  She also mixes her
knowledge from various styles like Hatha, Iyengar,
Kriya and Ashtanga to create a fun and active class.
Ages 12+, all levels welcomed!!

Carla has been teaching yoga for 5 years.  She is
trained in various yoga styles including Raja, Hatha,
Iyengar, Kriya and Ashtanga.  She also holds a
bachelors degree in Natural Sciences plus graduate
courses in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition
and Body Wellness.

ENERGY EXCHANGE: Volunteer Work Exchange at Paradise Wellness

Our Energy Exchange program allows individuals to work at our center in exchange for accommodations , meals and an islands wellness experience.  We ask that you make a commitment of at least 2 weeks to one month to be a part of this program.   Individuals can also choose to live off site.  See our local rentals link for community rentals.  The Energy Exchange participant will help with raw food preparation, gardening, growing and caring for the sprouts, and helping the crew with cleaning the facilities.

Please email us answering this questionnaire along with your resume and a picture ID.

1.    Name, address, phone, email
2.    What job are you most interested in being a part of here?
3.    How did you hear about the Energy Exchange Program?
4.    What appeals to you about the Energy Exchange Program?
5.    Is there anything that you think may interfere with completing your energy exchange position such as school, work, commitments, family obligations, etc?
6.    When are you available?
7.    Do you have any medical or health concerns that we need to be made aware of?
8.    What do you hope to gain from participating in the Energy Exchange Program?
9.    What past or present school/work/life experience can you bring to the Energy Exchange Program?
10.   Emergency Contacts and References

Please also consider that we request a $35 per day food/supply cost charge just to offset the some expenses created by the Energy Exchange workers…as we grow more food, we may soon alleviate this fee.  Considering the awesome experience you are about to endure you know that these fees are a bargain and we hope that you come prepared and ready to engage in our island lifestyle.

We will get back to your ASAP.  Thanks!


Cleanse the Palate, Release Waste and Toxins, Boost your Immune System, Embrace Beautiful on the Inside and out, and Receive the glorious SUNSHINE…
All on our beautiful island of Puerto Rico!
Includes an ALL FRUIT mostly local and seasonally grown menu of Salads, Smoothies, Juices, Coconut Water, and Kangen Alkaline Water!
Daily Yoga and Meditation, Healing Massage, Hiking in the Rain Forest, Sunbathing at Secluded Beaches, and a Bio Bay Tour!
Also includes double occupancy Accommodations, Excursions,
Yoga and Massage!
Sept 22 – 26, 2011        $750 5 day Retreat
Sept 17 – 26, 2011         $1450 10 day Retreat

Planning your stay Here!

Now that you have decided to take control of your health and well-being, it’s time to plan your life changing experience in Paradise!

Please contact us via telephone or email so we may discuss your current lifestyle and wellness goals, answer questions, or provide additional information.

We can also assist you with recommendations on airlines and other logistical concerns.

Our main facility # is

Check our RATES!  See you in Paradise!