Have you heard about NOLLYWOOD?

Not Hollywood…and not Bollywood. Nollywood is the Nigerian Movie Industry

No, this isn’t a typo.  Nollywood is the Nigerian version of Hollywood and Bollywood. It’s their movie industry. They have their own stars, themes, languages, and styles. It is the second largest movie industry in the world after India, and before the US, in terms of movies produced annually…some 1200 – 2000 yearly.  However, Nollywood comes in third place after the US and India in terms of how much money is made from this industry…approximately from 200 – 500 million annually depending on where you source your information.  And top Nollywood actors have a net worth of close to $500,000 (US) which translates into millionaire status back in Nairaland.

I remember the first time I actually saw one of these movies. It was rather interesting to me because I didn’t even know what I was watching. I thought it was one of those Jamaican movies because it was so funny.  It starred these two young guys…they were playing brothers, Im not sure if they were small people or children, but they were fantastic. I mean, how often do you see an all Black movie where the quality of the filming is a bit “low budget”, but the story is great.  Must be island, I thought to myself. I was used to Jamaican films because naturally living in the Caribbean, we tended to support one another in that way.  Not to mention the issues shared in the films and the comedy were comparable. Famous comedians from Jamaica, like Oliver Samuels, were hits in the islands and his production even came to the Virgin Islands years ago where I went to see a play of his.  And just like the Nigerian film industry, Jamaican plays became movies and became a big hit.

Nollywood movies go straight to DVD
Nollywood movies go straight to DVD

So I thought I was watching a Jamaican comedy film the first time I saw a Nollywood movie until a friend of mine said it was Afrikan.  I was intrigued because as bad as the quality was the storyline was rather entertaining. And so began my love for the industry.  At first, when I was living in Baltimore, I had to find and borrow movies from folks who were able to get films from NY on DVD.  Or when I would go to NY, I would go to the Afrikan open air market and I would buy like 5 movies at one time.  They would sell them so cheap, like $3 a pop.  I usually assumed they were bootleg and always wondered how this industry was able to make any money.

Of course I investigated that issue…and Im still not sure about all the facts…but from what I have found, Nollywood movies hit the streets rather quickly after production. And is a straight to DVD industry.  They don’t do movie theatres because there was a lot of crime happening in the theatre’s and so people felt more comfortable in their own homes. The DVDs sell for about $2 (US) each which is affordable for the average Nigerian. And in a country with limited resources and lots of people, one movie can easily sell 50,000 – 200,000 copies…before it hits the black markets…and with a production budget from $15,000 – $25,000.  That is a pretty good turnover….not to mention that these movies are being released EVERY SINGLE DAY…more than one at a time too!  So, Im sure it’s highly competitive and people start to develop their taste for their favorite stars.

Nollywood film production is wrapped up in one to two weeks
Nollywood film production is wrapped up in one to two weeks

Now what makes a Nollywood movie so good?  Well, let me assure you in order to really be impressed by one of their movies you need to throwaway all your American ideas of what a good movie is, because it doesn’t apply here.  In fact, if you view a Nollywood movie with American ideals, you would be sadly disappointed. From an American standard, Nollywood movies may just insult your intelligence a bit.  First of all, the quality of the entire movie is subpar!  I mean, the music is always so bad, the editing is horrid, and sometimes the storyline is long in parts that should have been cut off, and not enough information in parts that should have been developed.  From an American perspective, their movies are Amateur at best. Thing is, Im really not trying to discredit how amazing Nollywood is…Im just trying to be real.  Get a bunch of Americans to sit down and watch a Nollywood movie and they will most likely say the same thing….or worst.  I think that I understand the idiosyncrasies a lot more because I grew up in the Caribbean, which is second generation Afrikan (people act the same way there)…and I was around Afrikans a lot in college.  I was the Vice President of the International Student Association at an All Black school…and the only international students we had were Afrikans, and Caribbean students.

Nollywood movies seem to not really be movies at all, to tell you the truth. First of all, unlike in Bollywood movies, where the movies run about 3-4 hours, one Nollywood movie tends to always end right around the 1 hour mark without fail.  Not that the story is over either.  Which make me feel like Nollywood movies are more like a Soap Opera or short TV series, because at the one hour mark, in most cases, the story is incomplete. So you have to look for part 2 of the movie to see what happens next. And sometimes a part 3 and a part 4 too. Hilarious!  Because once again, by American standards, a movie is one complete story, right?  Well, we are not using American standards here.  Stay with me now!

I think that the main thing that is entertaining about Nollywood movies is really getting a glimpse into Nigerian culture…which to me is taking a glimpse into Afrikan culture in general.  Im sure most Afrikans won’t agree at all with this.  Ghanaians have their own movie industry…but from where I sit…it all looks the same.  Im sure a Ghanaian and a Nigerian could tell the difference but things are not that distinct to me with my American eyes.  Watching the customs of how people bow down to elders, and the way they dress, and some of things that they say over and over again…like when they say “HEY!” when they find out something shocking is quite the edutainment that I would assume foreigners come to enjoy when they watch these movies.  And just in the way things are pronounced it is pretty interesting too.  Now, even though they are speaking English, in most cases, their dialect is slightly British and slightly Afrikan…I guess.  So you really have to key in to what they are saying because you might miss something.  Im sure I miss things all the time because there are things that are said that only their culture would know. It’s like I was talking to a friend from England and she didn’t know who Urkel was.  So she loses out on the entire joke because culturally she wasn’t privy to what most Americans have heard before.  Same thing applies to watching Nollywood movies…they say things all the time that would make me think that I would have had to grow up there to know that.

Another thing I like about Nollywood movies is that I am supporting a Black film industry. Now if you are Black, you would understand this. And this doesn’t mean anything more that what I am saying.  People love to see their own and it is as simple as that. I feel a sense of pride seeing Afrikan people on the screen doing their thing.  Even though there are strong cultural differences that are obvious, it doesn’t matter because there is a kinship that is very strong here and I know that we are connected.  Not to mention the fact that when I see those fine Afrikan men on the screen, I feel like Im looking at something here. (wink wink) Do you get what Im saying?  I mean people forget to realize that Idris Elba, one of the world’s hottest men, is in fact a pure 100% Afrikan man. I mean I can get into some of America’s hottest actors (Denzel, The Rock, Brad Pitt, etc), but folks don’t realize that there is whole ‘nother set of eye candy coming out of Nigeria now.  Check out Richard Mofe Damijo, better known as RMD.  He is fine like a bottle of wine!  HA!

RMD:  Nollywood's Hottest Male Actor
RMD: Nollywood’s Hottest Male Actor

Let’s not forget the women of Nollywood. They tickle me so much. These women go from traditional Afrikan styles with their gele’s (head wraps) and traditional garbs to hot, modern women with their super straight hair wigs, color contacts, and stilettos…and all in the same movie.  Nollywood films don’t really have a theme all the time; once again, this is coming from an American standard.

The women actors must have their own following. Their beauty is diverse and I can see it ringing through the screen. One of them that I find most intriguing is Mercy Johnson.  What got me is I find her not only intriguingly beautiful, but also extremely convincing too. I mean, this girl has made me cry on several occasions.  She is awesome! I have seen her in several movies and I always love the parts she plays and how she plays them.

Mercy Johnson, my personal favorite
Mercy Johnson, my personal favorite

Speaking of the actors, don’t let the beauty fool you. The acting is really bad.  But I don’t really think it’s the acting that is bad; I think it’s the writing that is bad.  I think the actors do as much justice to their scripts as they can, but I feel many times that the script is what it is. So the actors work with it and keep it moving. I think if Nollywood movies were to be made better it may actually take away from the authenticity of the film…but I would hope that just because a movie is “low-budget” doesn’t mean that it is authentically Afrikan. That wouldn’t be fair. I would have to say that I do believe that their film industry could do much better in their editing departments. The way movies are cut up and repetitious soundtracks that don’t even apply to what is going on could really be improved.  There are times when we are sitting watching the actors eat their entire dinner, not talking to one another, and realize…ok…is this just one of these filler sections?  Cut it out!

Im sure that most people on the outside are really unaware of what life in Afrika is like.  These movies tend to give an outsider a glimpse of the real Afrika. I love how they showcase life in the village vs life in the city.  There are still many people that don’t think that Afrikans live in real homes, have cars, TVs etc.  Nollywood movies shut all that down right away. Some movies are based in the villages and others in the cities, but you can see that life is diverse. And for those folks who think Afrika is stuck in time they will find that there are highly mistaken.

So why would an intelligent person want to watch a Nollywood movie?   It’s the same reason why people watch Chinese Karate movies, where people are flying through the air over the houses and trees, where their English editing is way off, and where the Karate moves are choreographed in a way that is far from realistic.  You know, there is something delightful about watching people from another culture in a sort of satirical way…Looking in from the outside, observing, learning,  and being entertained. Embracing other people! It’s connecting to what you recognize from your own culture and lifestyle, and understanding things that you never experienced. It’s why people travel and explore the Earth….to have new and amazing adventures.

So there! I hope in some way I have inspired you to check out this amazing industry.  You can actually catch thousands of movies on YouTube…just put in the search: NOLLYWOOD! I think you will quickly become addicted.  Thanks for watching!


One thing I cant stand is Censorship.  I thought that the USA was a place where people had freedom to express themselves.  Anyway, when I found out that the Whole Foods Undercover Sting operation video was put down on YouTube then I had to post this article.  Its not cool!  I have never been a fan of Whole Foods. They have taken the small health food stores of the past and stomped on them.  Funny thing is I knew that many of their ingredients were Genetically Modified…you can tell just by reading the labels.  And I am an avid label reader too.  Anyway, check out this article, watch the video and let me know your thoughts…and if nothing less pass the word.  Peace!


How to see the video that was censored by YouTube

We have uploaded this BANNED video to TV.NaturalNews.com, and you can now watch it by clicking here.

Given that YouTube doesn’t want you to see this investigative journalism video, there’s even more reason to spread the word about this and show others what the corporate status quo in America absolutely does not want you to see!

Here’s the link to the video on TV.naturalnews.com

TV.NaturalNews.com, by the way, is the last refuge of free speech in natural health videos. Where YouTube censors videos that tell the truth, we welcome these videos and freely distribute them for everyone to see.

We own our own video network and run the servers ourselves. No one can force us to take them down, short of a court order. As we are defender of free speech, we actively work to protect the free speech rights of whistleblowers such as Organic Spies.

YouTube hides the truth about GMOs and censors whistleblowers

YouTube is, of course, widely engaged in censorship of the truth. My own “TSA Help Wanted” video was on track to be viewed by tens of millions of people before YouTube censored it by slapping an “age restricted” status on it, even though the video contained absolutely no images or language not allowed on television. Click here to watch the TSA video that YouTube censored.

In pulling the “Organic Spies” Whole Foods GMO video, YouTube is also now fully engaged in helping corporate entities like Whole Foods hide their GMOs from the public. As the video itself showed, Whole Foods sells masses of GMOs to its customers, and none of those GMO foods are labeled as containing GMO.

Whole Foods, in other words, is a huge financial supporter of Monsanto because it retails Monsanto-produced GM foods to tens of millions of customers each year. Whole Foods has so far refused to require GMO labeling of the products it sells, and yet Whole Foods employees flatly LIE about all this, ridiculously claiming that Whole Foods sells no GMO whatsoever. This is true across numerous Whole Foods employees, not just a few isolated cases.

That’s what this video revealed. This is why the video was banned by YouTube. This is the truth that you’re not supposed to know about Whole Foods — a corporation that has betrayed the values of its own customers by secretly selling genetically modified corn… the very same strain of corn that French researchers fed to rats who developed massive cancer tumors and suffered alarming rates of premature death.

Think about it: What those French researchers fed to the rats, Whole Foods is selling to you!

If you shop at Whole Foods, YOU are the lab rat!

Whole Foods now has more in common with Monsanto than healthy food consumers

Whole Foods apparently wants you to keep blindly buying the products it carries, without you having any real knowledge about the GMO content of what it sells.

That’s unethical. It’s unacceptable. It’s a betrayal of the very values of the holistic health community. And it’s an indictment of the empty, soulless, deceptive mindset at the very top of Whole Foods, a corporation that quite literally sells products containing a deadly insecticide built right into the food itself. How is that “wholesome” food? How can Whole Foods even call itself “Whole” foods when some of the food it sells contains a deadly pesticide that kills living creatures?

That statement is a scientific fact, by the way. Whole Foods cannot deny this fact. They cannot face the truth and they cannot even face their own customers whom they may very well be poisoning each and every day by continuing to sell genetically modified corn that French researchers have now linked to horrifying cancer tumors in rats. In an age of evil corporations seeming to dominate everything — medicine, weapons of war, criminal banking institutions and so on — Whole Foods increasingly appears to be happily positioned in bed with the evil corporations rather than fighting against them. Whole Foods is playing the old “go along to get along” game at the corporate level, ridiculously hoping this GMO labeling issue will somehow go away if they just ignore it long enough.

Heck, I’m surprised Whole Foods hasn’t given money to oppose Proposition 37! Just like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Nestle, Bayer, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and all the other usual suspects. The corporate behavior of Whole Foods almost parallels Monsanto at this point. Hence the name I suggested in my previous article: WholeSanto.

The bottom line? If you shop at Whole Foods, you may be unknowingly poisoning yourself with “natural” foods containing GM corn. As the truth about the dangers of GMOs continues to come out, Whole Foods is going to look increasingly irresponsible, unethical and even dangerous to its own customers.

Because if Whole Foods is going to sell you food containing insecticide, then why shop at Whole Foods at all? You can save a small fortune and get the exact same deadly insecticide by shopping at a conventional grocery store. If Whole Foods isn’t going to differentiate itself by avoiding foods that may be toxic to its customers, then what’s the point of shopping there at all?

Shame on Whole Foods for acting a whole lot like Monsanto

I repeat: SHAME on Whole Foods for its irresponsible behavior on the issue of GMOs. Its actions are wrong-headed, deceptive, and possibly even dangerous to the health of its customers.

Join me in boycotting Whole Foods over its hidden GMOs and its refusal to tell the truth about what it’s really selling. We expect better from this company. We demand better, or we won’t shop there at all.

Instead, buy from your local farmers’ markets and food cooperatives. Grow as much of your own food as you can, using heirloom seeds.

And no matter where you shop, buy organic. Organic foods have virtually zero GMO content, so choosing organic is the best way to avoid genetically modified ingredients.

Our pledge against GMOs

Here’s my pledge to you: In our store (www.ShopNaturalNews.com) we will never knowingly sell products made with genetically modified ingredients — and we read labels and scrutinize our vendors. We absolutely refuse to carry GM products in our store, and we will NEVER offer a product made with GMOs that gets described as “natural.”

That’s a hoax. A marketing scam. Virtually all “natural” snack chips made with corn, for example, contain genetically modified corn! How is that natural? It isn’t. Why does Whole Foods even carry these products?

Of course, we’ll never be as big as Whole Foods, but at least I can sleep at night knowing that what people acquire from us is nourishment, not poison. At least I know I’m fighting to keep people alive, not to have them slow-killed by eating themselves to death.

When I look in the mirror, I can honestly, 100% with integrity, smile and say that I made decisions in the best interests of Natural News readers and customers, and that I never — NEVER — sold out my own audience by selling them toxic products for a profit.

There is a line I simply will not cross. That is the line of fundamental human compassion and responsibility to my own support base of customers, readers and fans. Whole Foods has not only crossed that line; they can’t even seem to remember where the line was!

Shame on Whole Foods, a massive retailer for Monsanto’s genetically modified corn.