Best Hair Product Ever!

castor oilI got this bottle of Castor Oil from Ramone Reid …her brand is Cultured Naturals. It blew my mind how amazing my hair feels since I have been using it. I am all over this product! Im so mad Im just finding out how amazing Castor Oil is for my hair. I highly recommend it. Nothing else can top what this is doing to my scalp and hair in general. And upon further investigation…Castor Oil is an amazing treatment for so many other things. I have been slathering it all over my body, my feet…the only thing I did was add itiba, LLC Midnite Rain Hair and Body Serum after I did my hair…mostly for the scent. Castor oil’s scent is plain but it reminds me of when I uses to take 4 huge tablespoons everytime I went into labor (yikes!)…which is yet another remedy for laboring women…its helps to promote contractions in natural birthing mommies. And one more thing, its growing wild all over our Puerto Rico Farm….YAY!! Oh yeah…one more thing…they are both St Croix US Virgin Islands products…Black Women in Business!! Yahoo!

You can order her Castor Oil here:…/245673343/jamaican-virgin-castor-oil…

You can order Itiba’s Hair and Body Serum here:…/midnite-rain-hair-body-serum/


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