How can you not feel this…

I have a friend whom I never met. We have lots of friends in common and the natural progression of becoming Facebook friends just happened. I don’t even know when. We both grew up in St Croix although I never knew her back home but we know lots of friends from back home. She is one of my favorite friends on Facebook because she posts so much thought provoking, controversial and even just plain LOL funny stuff. I never knew she was internally suffering in such a way that when she posted a picture of her 21 year old son many of her friends already knew the story. All she said on the picture of her son was that she was proud of him…hashtag #vindicated. Vindicated? What did that mean?
I immediately inboxed her and asked her what happened to her son. She said he was locked up at the age of 16 years old for a beating rape he never committed. He was the last person to leave the library that day as was seen on a camera. That was the only thing that connected him to the crime. The rape victim, a young woman, who was the daughter of a deputy officer was found behind the library. Due to the fact that they could not afford a lawyer and had to use the help of a public defender, he was sentenced to 65 years in jail for this crime that he was not in any way connected to. He was a High School Football player, a good child and came from a strong Middle Class family…there was nothing connecting him to this crime except for the fact that they could not find anyone else to pin it on.
From her own words, Lisa (his mom) states: He was sentenced to natural life for a crime he did not commit. Here go the facts before you measure my opinion:
He was 15 when a young lady was brutalized at a public library near our home. They followed a trail of blood to find her body but no blood was on my son’s shoes,clothing,bookbag nor the lanyard on his neck. Surveillance video actually showed him in McDonald’s eating and then in Walmart playing video games at the time the crime occurred. But…according to the State the time on the videos were wrong….because they said so. Attempts to cross reference the time didn’t happen because Walmart “accidentally “destroyed all surveillance video for that evening. This is the part where I mention his race and #blacklivesmatter and what not, but my son could pass for your son, which is also funny because the only witness description described possible assailant as short and dark. My son is tall and peach-ish. Not funny.
Oh I forgot my opinion (Lisa continues): He didn’t do it cause he is smart and kind and respectful. He played football for his school and was a volunteer for the Homeless Ministry. He was also far too clumsy to commit such a heinous act and not have all of everything proving he did it under his nails or on his clothes or shoes. My son couldn’t open a bottle of water and not spill it. But…I’m his mom so I may be biased.

His mother is in the process of appealing his case and needs help to pay a proper attorney to turn this case around. Please watch this film that shows his story (among others).

As soon as she told me about her struggle I started crying…and when I saw this video again I started crying again. I hate to bring up the Black thing…but it just makes you think about how this society treats some of its citizens. It is very apparent that some deep rooted hatred and anger is festering in the minds of people that would allow other people’s innocent children to be taken away from them to be locked up in solitary confinement. The victim doesn’t deserve this, and neither does the innocent families. Dogs are treated better than this.
Please send a donation of your choosing to the Mother of Kendrick Morris. This is my personal tribute to her struggle. I have a 20 year old son who is a good guy too..and if anything like this were to happen to him I would be no good for the world. Her paypal:

Love Skai

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