Trinidadian what?

Peace and Love….whatahgwan!  Been working on everything….just finished the 10 Day Vegan Challenge. Working on what’s happening this year coming.  Let’s see:

Dr Laila Afrika is coming to Puerto Rico between Jan 5 – 12.  He wanted me to get the word out to those who are interested in taking his certification course.  It is a two day intensive and costs $1200.  If you are familiar with his work and are interested please let me know…this does not include accommodations.

Our special on retreats in still going on til the very last day of the year…we are completely booked for Dec and Jan…So we are taking the few slots we have in Feb – Mar…book now come later.  Retreats are reduced to $125 a day…NO WHERE ELSE!!  Time to treat you… AND instead of putting down 50%…just put down $300 and work out the rest later!  Contact us today!

We are still booking for out Wake Up and Live 14 and 28 day retreats too…some space in Feb…now booking for May…let me know if April is a must…no problem. Check out info HERE!

Now for the JUICE!! Finally got the How to Make Raw Vegan Pies Class on the website AND added a never released video that I made last summer in Philly…a delicious Vegan Eggplant Stew made like my Trinidadian friend taught me years ago.  This class is classic and this dish is absolutely the best!  You can now order my online classes HERE!

Next we are going to have a forum I have been wanting to host for a long time…. Introduction to Natural Parenting!  Coming Jan 5 – 9.  More information….coming shortly!

Those are my three youngest…more on this…soon come..its gonna be fun!  And coming soon too…(because you know I cant stop)….NATURAL DATING! YAASSS!

Talk to you soon!

Skai Juice
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Weeds are Healing!

Dr Laila Afrika and other stuff

Happy Sunday!

Peace and Love and all that is good and yummy. I just wanted to let you know a few things on the press….

Dr Laila Afrika and his wife, Dr Stevenson will be in Puerto Rico this January and has contacted me to put the word out that they will be offering certifications in Holistic Health. They have a few different programs that they are offering to small groups intererested between Jan 5 and Jan 12. If you are interested in coming down to PR to participate in this awesome education then please message me. I will help to arrange the program and accomodations. Think quick! If you have any questions…feel free to ask.

Next thing, I wanted to share is my amazingly cool teespring campaign…the ALKALIZE Tee! Its time to bring awareness to Acidic diets, Acidic Relationships, and most of all Acidic Mentalities. You can check it out and order one here!! Hurry they are only available for ONE WEEK!

Also, the Wake Up and Live Retreat is being pushed back to April…for folks interested in coming still. The Wake Up and Live Retreat is an extended program…between 14 days and one month where you can have the opportunity to stay in Puerto Rico while I pamper you with a healing diet catered to your needs, a wellness regimen filled with yoga and hiking and time with a personal fitness trainer, and free time for you to reflect about creating your amazing life. Sometimes you need to unplug from it all. Many people showed interest however we believe that the dates were too soon. Let us know your intentions asap! So we have opened February up for smaller retreats. Check out the Paradise Wellness Website for more info! Please mention this 15% discount…extended to all retreats through MARCH 31st!

MONEY, HONEY! We are looking for Youth Group Coordinators to recruit student groups to bring to our farm here in Puerto Rico. Yes, we are paying a stipend, however you must be able to have a group of students to gather together. In other words, you must be a parent or teacher that works in the schools or something of that nature. For more info, please contact Joany Carrasco of the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary.

Check out this tornado sipping up some Rainbow!


Well, I hope you are all having a deliciously warm and healthy Sunday. I love you all! Love is the true healing for all mankind. Let me know how I can serve you!
Peace and Love!

Skai Juice
Helping You Create Your Healthy and Abundant Life!