If given a chance to unplug from everything, get away, travel to a spectacular Caribbean island to embrace Paradise in a way that you never could imagine, would you do it?


Skai Juice invites you over for an extended stay where she will feed you and guide you through an abundantly healthy lifestyle experience.
Have you ever wanted to take the time to work on you?  Dont you need this?

Relax? Rejuvenate? Re-calibrate? Reset? Come Again? 

We know that it is virtually impossible to do it at home.
Skai Juice will cater to whatever dietary requirements you are seeking.  She is a well versed WHOLISTIC Vegan and Raw Chef specializing in Wellness and Detoxification. She practices the gentle healing arts of creating Peace in the Kitchen!


You can try one of the following dietary regimens or even experiment with a little mix-up!…and if you need guidance on what would be best for your needs, Skai offers a free consultation upon your registration:

Coconut Water Detox Cleanse

Juice Feasting

Green Smoothies

Vegan Raw Detox

Vegan Raw Gourmet


Raw til 4

Vegan Cooked

Vegetarian Paleo (including some fish)

Your preliminary consultation will consider what your goals are during your stay and what you are working on for yourself.  This is the perfect opportunity to WAKE UP AND LIVE! And we cant just do this in a few days. This is a chance for you to watch the sunrise as you walk on the beach every morning, take yoga classes, and get some much needed training by a personal fitness trainer, eat well, get massaged, sight see, go Salsa dancing….and More!


The Big Deal is we are going to have FUN! We are going to laugh and play and create an abundant life while you are here and the goal is for you to take this newly acquired rejuvenation back with you when you go home. When was the last time you did this? ….NEVER?!?




Skai Juice wants you to be able to make this happen and is turned off by similar programs that cater to Celebrities only…that is why she is making this affordable for all people.


Your 14 day program which includes accommodations, nourishment and excursions…Only $1950 (that’s just $140 p/day!!)

And for those who want to take this to the next level and double your experience the 28 day retreat is only $3500 ($125 p/day)

Our Next Wake Up and Live Retreat is scheduled for:

Feb 1 – 14     $1950     $300 Deposit due by Nov 30

Feb 15 – 28    $1950     $300 Deposit due by Nov 30

Feb 1 – 28     $3500   $500 Deposit due by Nov 30 
(an additional 10% off for couples)


Excursions include Coamo Hot Springs, Old San Juan, Culebra and Vieques, Samuel Lind Art Gallery, Rainforest Hiking, Rivers, Beaches, and a taste of Salsa dancing!




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