Big tings are cooking!

First of all, thanks to all those who donated to our farm fundraiser.  It was awesome and it has helped tremendously.  We are about to pick a winner for the raffle from one of the people who have donated to the fundraiser but we wanted to let folks know that you have one more opportunity to donate…we will send you your “Raffle” tickets via email.  You can go right to the website for the farm and click the please donate here.  Your donation will be divided by $5 and you will receive that many in tickets!  Make a donation by Friday of this week and shortly there after we will choose a winner of the $1200 Paradise Wellness retreat for two!

Also, just to let you know if you were thinking about doing something different and amazing for labor day weekend, we are offering this amazing Yoga and Hiking Fitness Retreat.  This is an amazing opportunity to focus with a group of people a fun fitness time.  We will be taking 4 hikes during the weekend with yoga every morning.  All the deets are here!  Sign up asap…deadline is July 28th!  And we made it super affordable for all people.

More  amazing things are happening.  Stay tuned.  You will be truly excited! I hope you are having a super day!

Peace and Love

Skai Juice
The Chef


Veggie Success 101: So what does it really take to make this happen?

Peace and Love and Happy July!

Good things are happening in the world! Always thinking positive and tuning in to the highest intentions of the Universe. Welcome all my new friends to this exciting concept of Vegetarian Entreprenuerialship. Boy! I have been sooo busy with all the different ventures I have been engaged in. I had to finally make some decisions about how I was going to make all of them work.

I completely discuss how one can create a successful business enterprise in this podcast here. One thing I can also add is that whenever you have a dream to create something…Dont give up on the dream. Some times instead you may need to tweak it. Some times you may need to slow it down and re-evaluate some of the things you are doing so you can see how to do it better. But slow down doesnt mean stop! Dont stop!

My restaurant in Baltimore took me years to actually develop. But, guess what? It was open and functioning. And I was able to make money while I was creating the dream. People didnt know that what I was working with wasnt the finished product. They thought that it was complete at the time they walked in. In my mind, I was not nearly finished with what I wanted my business to look like.

So, lets discuss how I can help you get your business to where you want it to be. Even if it will take some time. Its still better to move toward your dream. Listen to my recent podcast here. I am planning on some more live-casts soon. Just been super busy on the farm. Drop me a line if you would like me to evaluate what you are trying to create so I can offer you some of my thoughts on how you want to go about it.

I hope you create the most magical day EVER!

Love and Peace

Skai Juice

Veggie Success 101