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I admit it… I LIKE trivia, though it serves no purpose for me since I can never remember any to bring up in conversation. But still, it is fun, so I’ve created this list of amazing trivia that I found to be absolutely riveting.


1. Snails can sleep up to 3 years.

Not so amazing actually since I managed to sleep thru 6 years of Jr. High and high school.  And when you think about it, what do snails have to do all their lives?  Sure, they leave great slime trails and make excellent targets for salt shakers and little boys, but other than that there’s not much more to do but sleep after an exhausting run across a sidewalk.


2. American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first-class.

Until I read this, I was convinced that there was an olive missing from my salad, yet no one would believe me. Now I am vindicated! I am now searching for proof that the airlines have taken one peanut from each bag… I’ll keep you posted.


3. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

After reading this, I realized that I know of many people with the same problem! But that’s an article about politicians I’m working on. For me, it’s usually that my eyes are bigger than my stomach…


4. Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

Well, I’d like to see anyone keep this up long enough to actually lose 150 calories.  Now that I think about it, I DON’T want to see…


5. Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants.

This is completely understandable… I mean, who wants to look at a duck with no pants on?  Besides, I understand that it is the law for all birds to wear pants in the city limits of Finland.


6. If you pass gas consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

I tried to prove or disprove this, but two things stopped me … I couldn’t stand to look at a bowl of chili after the third day, and my husband threatened to leave me … although it was kinda hard to tell what he was really saying with that gas mask on.


7. In ancient Egypt, priests plucked EVERY hair from their bodies, including their eyebrows and eyelashes.

Now, this piece of trivia leaves ALOT to the imagination, which is probably a good thing. BUT, I would like to point out, you’d have to be pretty limber to get some on those hairs… nuff said.


8. The ant always falls over on its right side when intoxicated.

I know this trivia fact isn’t true ’cause I’ve gone drinking with my ants several times and I’ve watched them fall over in several different directions… usually they tend to fall on my uncles though.


9. The average human eats eight spiders in their lifetime at night.

I don’t know about this fact … I’ve seen several spiders at night and never once felt compelled to eat one. Though I hear that spider is tasty if barbequed correctly.


10. And now for our final fun trivia fact:

Some lions mate over 50 times a day… No wonder the females do all the work.


Hope you enjoyed these fun facts!

Skai Juice



STOP messaging me asking me for the best juice recipe for ___________________ (fill in the blank). There is no ONE recipe that is good for any ONE thing. Try instead to embrace a wellness lifestyle. Eliminate eating all that CRAP that you are so ADDICTED too! Yes, YOU! Processed food, McShit’s…and the rest of them. Stop feeding your children food in a box where you a water and stir. Learn how to cook. Learn how to blend and make your foods with the least amount of manipulation as possible. Get as much GREEN in to your body as you can…this is OXYGEN for your blood. You are kiling yourself…but worried about how you look in the mirror with fake hair and makeup. Wake up people! There is no miracle! It has taken you 20- 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 years to get sick, have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Yeast Infections, Rotten Teeth, Bad Skin, Poor Digestion. You must realize that you are doing it all wrong! You must realize that soon enough, if it hasnt happened, you will get an terrible ailment. Lets work together to educate each other on how we can live together HEALTHFULLY! Its Love Babee! Dont mean to scare you…but the truth IS these times we are living in are the most sickest times humans have ever lived in the HISTORY of mankind. Does that send chills down your bones? It does me. Ill do my best. Lets help one another. Put down the burger, put down the pizza, put down the booze, put down the cigarettes, put down the sodas and sugar! Lets get healthier! Lets make our life the best and juiciest we can! Love to you all! 

Skai Juice



Skai, stop playing!  

Yes, well we have just THREE more days to raise funds for our farm…and we need your help!  SO, I have  decided to give a really juicy incentive….A FREE WELLNESS RETREAT with me here in Puerto Rico!  Healthy eating, yoga, hiking in the rainforest, and more!

All you got to do to qualify is to make a donation on our Indiegogo Campaign for our non-profit farm project…you can donate ANYTHING you can afford…the more the better for us.  Your donation amount doesnt effect you winning.  I will have a random person on FB draw the winner later on this week once we enter all the names into our database.

So, what are you waiting for…this is what you get if you win a retreat here with us here in Puerto Rico:   

  • Healthy Meals according to your goals

  • Vegan, Raw Vegan, Green Smoothies, Juicing, Coconut Water Fasting

  • 3 meals per day…and snacks too!

  • Accommodations

  • Single and Double Occupancy

  • Shared Bathrooms

  • Nutritional Coaching

  • Yoga

  • Biking

  • Beach within walking distance

  • Rainforest Hike

  • River Swim

  • Healthy Evening Documentaries

  • You can also customize your experience by adding: Massage Therapy, Fitness Training, More Intensive Rainforest Hiking, Horseback Riding, Afro-Boricua Heritage Tour, Nature Reserve Tour, Bio-Bay Kayaking, Day Sail, Trip to Vieques or Culebra, Retail Therapy in Old San Juan, Road trip to the Coamo Hot Springs

Check out more pics and information about our Paradise Wellness Retreat here!  Certain dates dont apply…and airfare is not included.

And please send your donation for our super duper farm project HERE!  

See, we make it easy for you!  Thanks so much!  Have a wonderful Father’s Day!  And remember….create an AWESOME DAY!

Love and Peace

Skai Juice
The Chef

Coconut Water Detox Cleanse begins this Sunday!!

Coconut Water Detox Cleanse begins this Sunday on the 15th of June!

Im so excited to do this Coconut Water Detox Cleanse….Summer is the perfect time! All you need to participate is:
A good source for getting your coconut water…you are going to need between one and one and a half gallons per day…for 5 days.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Coconut Oil
Fruits and Veggies for your days before and after.

Who is ready to get down with me and the Cocos?

Click here to join the cleanse:


Your contacts will make or break your business!

Peace and Love and Happy Business Creating!
Did you know the key to making your business really fly right now is to create an extensive email list?  Yep!  Whether you are creating a brick and mortar establishment or an online opportunity you need to make sure you are in direction communication with your clients/customers. 

From your list, you will get your targeted customer, this is a good list since they already have shown interest in what you have to show and sell since they have willingly signed in for your list. These are the people who have liked what they have seen in your site and have decided they want to see more and maybe even purchase what ever product or service your site has to offer. 

Many people would think that building their lists would take hard work and a lot of time to build and collect names and addresses. This is not so, it takes a bit of patience and some strategies but in doing this list, you open your site and your business to a whole new world of target market. Take the effort to take your business to a new level, if traffic increase and good profits are what you want, an opt-in list will do wonders for your business venture. 

There are many sources and articles in the internet available for everyone to read and follow in building a list. Sometimes they may be confusing because there are so many and there different ways. Different groups of people would have different approaches in building an opt-in list, but no matter how diverse many methods are, there are always some crucial things to do to build your list. Here are four of them. 

1) Put up a good web form in your site that immediately follows the end of your content. While some may say this is too soon to subscribe for a website visitors application, try to remember that your homepage should provide a quick good impression. If somehow a website visitor finds something that he or she doesn’t like and turns them off, they may just forget about signing up.

A good web form for subscribing to an opt-in list is not hard to do. Just write a simple short statement about how they would like to see more and get updated about the site. Then there should be an area where they could put in their names and e-mail address. This web form will automatically save and send you the data’s inputted. As more people sign in, your list will be growing. 

2) As mentioned in the first tip, make your homepage very, very impressive. You need to have well written articles and descriptions of your site. Depending on what your site is all about, you need to capture your website visitor’s fancy. Make your site useful and very easy to use. Do not expect everyone to be tech savvy. Invest in having good programming in your site, make your graphics beautiful but don’t over do it.

Don’t waste your time making the homepage too overly large megabyte wise. Not all people have dedicated T1 connections, the faster your site gets loaded, the better. Go for a look that borders between simplicity and sophisticated knowledge. 

3) Provide good service and products. A return customer is more likely to bring in more business. Even then and now, a satisfied customer will recommend a business always. Word of mouth and recommendations alone can rake in more business than an expensive ad. As your clientele roster grows so shall your list. With more members on the list, the more people will get to know about what you have new to offer.

4) Keep a clean and private list. Never lose the trust your customers have entrusted you. If you provide e-mails to others and they get spammed, many will probably unsubscribe to you. Remember, a good reputation will drive in more traffic and subscribers as well as strengthen the loyalty of your customers.

I hope this helps…and if you dont have an email list…check out  I use it too!  Need more help creating your business?  Sign up HERE! 

Peace and Love, 

Skai Juice
Veggie Success 101

Why would you want to do a Coconut Water Cleanse?

Peace and Love and Happy Family!So what would be a reason to do a Coconut Water Cleanse?  Well, pretty much the same reasons you would do a juice cleanse, or a raw food diet cleanse…so that you can eliminate the CRAP out of your system and reboot.  You know how you turn your computer off …wait…then turn it back on.  Same process here.  You have to STOP sometimes and let the body re-calibrate all systems….its sooo healthy for you.Another way I look at it is, how often do you get your oil changed on your car…something like every 3000 miles?  Right?  Ok…when was the last time you removed the sludge and toxins out of your system?  Exactly!

So, Skai, why should I use coconut water?  What about a Juice Cleanse.  Well, I think that Juice cleansing is GREAT!  In fact it is very comparable to a Coconut Water Cleanse….however I think Coconut Water Cleansing is superior in a few ways.

  1. Its easier!  All you have to do is get enough Coconut Water to get you through each day.  Since we are going to be drinking it for 5 days…I estimate that you are going to need about 8 gallons.  Once you have found, and I will help you, an affordable source to get your coconuts then all you have to do is open them and pour them out.  You dont have to cut, clean, juice, clean machines….none of that.
  2. Depending on where you live…it can possibly be more affordable.  This goes back to where you are going to source your coconut water from.  I know that there are some people who actually spend upwards of $25 a day on a Juice cleanse.  And the thing about juicing is that you really should be juicing only Organic produce….and that could be a challenge to get enough some times.
  3. Coconut water tastes good!  Its easy to get it in, you dont have to hold your nose and suck it up.  When you start drinking coconut water, you are like….AWW!  This is easy!  I love it!
  4. And the benefits of drinking Coconut Water are amazing in general….so you multiply them like 10 times when you are consuming it fully and nothing else…
      by Jeremy Safron
      coconuty.jpg (36581 bytes)
    2. The coconut is one of the greatest gifts of this planet.
    3. Coconuts are a prehistoric plant which can survive many months floating at sea.
    4. The coconut is a natural water filter that takes almost 9 months to filter each liter of water. The water travels through many fibers being purified where it is stored away STERILE in the nut itself.
    5. This coconut water is pure clear and is one of the highest sources of electrolytes known to man.
    6. Coconut water is identical to human blood plasma which makes it the universal donor. Plasma makes up 55% of human blood. By drinking coconuts we give ourselves a instant blood transfusion.
    7. Many peoples lives have been saved in 3rd world countries by the coconut IV.
    8. Coconuts in their young stage of growth are the most health enhancing.
    9. Drink at least one a day (I drink 5 or 6).
  5. Coconuts are a great blood purifier.”It’s a natural isotonic beverage, with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It’s the fluid of life, so to speak.” In fact, during the Pacific War of 1941-45, both sides in the conflict regularly used coconut water – siphoned directly from the nut – to give emergency plasma trasfusions to wounded soldiers.Most coconut water is still consumed fresh in tropical coastal areas – once exposed to air, the liquid rapidly loses most of its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, and begins to ferment.


SO, what are you waiting for!  Sign up here:  COCONUT HEALING BEGINS!

Peace and Coco Water!
Skai the Juice