¿Por qué viajar a San Juan para comprar

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Are Ultrasounds really necessary?

Are Ultrasounds really necessary?
Are Ultrasounds really necessary?


So I had 5 babies…4 were homebirths…3 in water…and 2 without ultrasound. I never ever knew the sex of any of my babies until the moment that they were born. Why? I guess it was my own innate way of wondering how this process works without intervention…without knowing. I realized right after giving birth in the hospital with my first sun, that this is not an operation or a sickness…this is normal. I am healthy and all my babies birthings were healthy and normal. I never understood the need for ultrasound and have always felt violated by all of it. I guess my ancient brain thinks about the 110 billion people who have ever lived on earth…thats a guestimate…so you know. Im also guessing that maybe half are women…which is probably inaccurate too. So somewhere in time there have been a multitude of babies born without Ultrasound…and I have never gotten Amniocentesis….would never do that. It doesnt make any sense to me.

Hey! Im not a doctor…and the more I think about it…would not even want to play one on TV. Im not anti-doctor…Im just anti-non-sensical procedures, and anti -drugs over healing, and the fact that most people we know in this unhealthy society is going to die due to the poor lifestyle standards we live under…that is what Im against. Im for health and humanity. I love it. I talk about it all the time…like a pastor who doesnt know its not Sunday! lol…its my passion…probably more like a religion too. Its the way I think. There I go…ranting…again! Anyway, all this to say: You ever think about why you are getting an Ultrasound? and why they are necessary? Thank you Keidi for reminding me about this…I love you! And here is an article I found that speaks to why Ultrasounds are just one big experiment!! http://chriskresser.com/natural-childbirth-iia-is-ultrasound-necessary-effective-in-pregnancy

How to attract bees to your garden

How to attract bees to your garden

How To Attract Bees Into Your Garden

Bees are wonderful to watch, and can bring pleasure and interest to any gardener. Bees are important means of pollination, which increases flower, fruit and vegetable yields. Bees are a vital part of a healthy eco-system, and their presence in the garden can be very educational for adults and children. The number of bees visiting gardens is dwindling, which is all the more reason to create a hospitable habitat to help them out. Following are some tips on how to make your garden a bee-friendly place.

1. Leave some of your lawn unkempt and allow it to grow. Most lawns have clover or dandelion, so allow these flowers to grow unchecked in one area of your yard. You can fence it off with a bit of low, portable fencing if it goes against your sense of aesthetics!

2. Do not use pesticides (insect-killers) or herbicides (weed-killers) of any kind. The insecticides on your plants will harm and kill the bees that visit them, and herbicides will kill off those flowers that are desirable for bees. Most Americans work to remove dandelions and clover from their lawns, but these are important plants for bees (and for the health of your lawn – clover adds nitrogen to the soil).

3. Plant the right flowers. Try to go with native plants as much as possible so the pollination effect with the surrounding ecosystem is positive and strengthening. Here are a few suggestions.
-Bee balm or bergamot
-Lemon balm
-Purple coneflower
-Salvias (sage)

Vegetables and fruits:
-Blackberries and raspberries

-Butterfly bush
-Wild roses or old-fashioned, shrub roses

Flowering trees:
-American holly
-Apple and crabapple
-Chaste tree (Vitex)

4. Create shelter for bees. Bumble bees like leaf litter and the undersides of wooden boards. You may want to set up a commercial bee hive to attract honeybees, or improvise something with a wooden box.

5. Bees like and need water, so add a water feature or birdbath to your garden. Make sure you have plenty of stones or water plants punctuating the surface so that a bee can quickly climb out if it falls in. Use flowering water plants to add to the bee-friendly habitat.

6. Leave them alone. This is not only good advice for avoiding stings, but it will help keep bees coming to your garden. If bees perceive an area as unsafe, they will not return.

Farm Meeting Tomorrow: Conference Call

Peace and Love Friends and Family!  

We are going to have a farm meeting BY PHONE tomorrow at 1pm AST (That is one hour before EST). Please confirm your attendance by replying to this email.  If you are unable to attend it will be recorded for your convenience. Having a Conference Call meeting is the best way to communicate being as though everyone is spread out all over the island and the states too.  I will send out a reminder email shortly before the call tomorrow.

Conference Call-In Number: 712-432-0075
Participant  Code: 537927
Playback number: 712-432-1085

Thanks!  Get your pens and paper out!


Also, I want to have meetings with the Eco-Educational Coordinators and the Grant Writers too. It would be by Conference call as well.  Please let me know what your availability is Im interested in having these meetings sometime next week.  And for your convenience they can be in the evening or weekend. Whatever works for the majority.  Let me know asap!



What is your availability to come out to the farm and put in some hours.  We need more help.  It makes it fun and we accomplish so much more.  Let me know what days you are available:  Mon – Sat between 8am and 2pm.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

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