Coconut Water Detox Cleanse 2

Paradise Wellness

Mar 11 – 20, 2014

Puerto Rico


Come and Join Skai Juice in warm and sunny Puerto Rico and engage in a special treatment to you mind, body and soul! The Coconut Water Detox Cleanse is a special program run by Skai that actualizes the imperative benefits of cleansing your body with one of the Universe’s most powerful liquids!  Here are some of the benefits of drinking coconut water:

1 – Alkaline Hydration & Blood Purification

It takes only 3 days for your blood to turn from Acid pH to Alkaline. During these days your body is releasing toxins into the bloodstream in order to be discharge. Coconut water is bio-chemically nearly identical to human blood. It makes the transition yummy, easy, and delightful – with the least detox symptoms possible.

2 – Rejuvenation For Your Body
When you are fasting, your body goes into the process of autolysis. It is “eating” its own diseased tissue, fat tissue, and old tissues; while creating more space and building brand new body cells. You are fasting, and your body is feasting. You can see the difference on your pictures before and after!

3 – Boosts Energy, Vitality & Increases Libido
Coconut water contains all the nutrients your body requires to go on for days or weeks. While from time to time, you may experience a healing crisis, over all it’s going to your energy level, vitality, and stamina will rise through the roof. What is it going to contribute to your sex life? How much fun are you going to have?

4 – Builds Brain Cells & Releases DMT
Fasting builds brain cells and sharpens your intellectual, and intuitive capacities. It naturally releases DMT in the brain, and may give you a sense of inner, instinctual guidance. Coconut water contains high amounts of electrolytes that facilitate the intricate communication between your brain and the nervous system.

5 – Sharpens Sight, Hearing & Taste
Fasting purifies your internal organs and as a result you may hear better, see better, and all your senses may become sharpened and more acute. It changes your taste buds. After the coconut water fast you may be surprised you do not crave toxic foods any more. Your taste will gravitate towards raw organic fruit! Also – simple foods taste more yummy than ever before!

6 – Re-Defines Your Relationship With Food
Fasting redefines your relationship with food. All of a sudden, you may realize you can eat and yet you don’t have to. Something else sustains you, nourishes you, and give you energy! If you are battling with addictions, coconut water cleanse will reset everything in your body a new. You may feel like you can do without drugs, alcohol, or tobacco – just as easily as you can do without food all together!

7 – Totally Magical & Sacred
Fasting is not for everyone. It is for those who invite magic into their lives and want to push the edge of this reality, and see what else is possible. It is a ritual of passage, where you shed your skin and become renewed. All great leaders in our history have fasted for guidance and to build power. Coconut water in all native cultures tree is regarded as sacred, and coconut is treated with reverence as the ‘tree of life’.

And here is some great information about the benefits of a coconut water fast from:

Health Benefits of Fasting

Before I talk about the amazing health benefits of coconut water fast, let us consider the overall health benefits of fasting itself and why fasting has been practiced since ancient times in many cultures throughout the world.

Fasting is the oldest therapeutic treatment known to man. Over the centuries, fasting has been practiced for health, medical, psychological and spiritual reasons because the people actually experienced the benefits of fasting.

  • There are many health benefits of fasting, the first one being detoxification. Fasting aids detoxification, which is a normal body process of eliminating toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands, and skin.
  • The second health reason for fasting is healing. Fasting relieves the body of the burden of digesting and eliminating food so it can focus on healing and cleansing. Energy is diverted away from the digestive system towards metabolism and immune system, thus improving the immune system for the body’s own healing. During fasting, toxins are removed and the healing process is accelerated. The person is rejuvenated and this can assist in extended life expectancy.


Benefits of Coconut Water Fast

Water fasts were common in ages past and are still used today. But there are certain top health reasons why you should consider coconut water fast. The cleansing and healing properties of coconut water has been relied upon for centuries in the tropics. Coconut water can be useful as an aid in detoxification to cleanse toxins out of the body and accelerate the healing process.

You may become very tired and lethargic and want to do as little as possible during water fasts. This is because water provides no nutritional support. During water fast, the body relies on stored nutrients to satisfy its needs. When the body’s nutrient stores become depleted the detoxification and healing process slows down. Where a person is sick and is already nutritionally bankrupt, continued water fasting can be detrimental.

There are many health benefits of coconut water and coconut water fast benefits out-weigh water fasts and they are:

  • Coconut water is naturally high in essential nutrients. When freshly extracted from the coconut, coconut water is germ-free and parasites-free. Fresh coconut water is uncontaminated by bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens. The electrolyte profile of coconut is similar to human plasma. That is why Doctors working in tropical climates have often used coconut water as intravenous solutions and injected directly into the bloodstream to prevent dehydration.
  • Coconut water is rich in electrolytes that are essential for maintaining proper functionality of nerves, heart and other muscles. It is high in potassium, chlorides, calcium and magnesium, with a modest amount of sodium, sugar and protein. The sugar is natural sugar. Coconut water is fat-free and low in calories.
  • Coconut water contains a complex array of nutrients including trace minerals which come directly from the sea and which most other foods lack. This is because coconuts grow near the sea and the roots absorb water and nutrients from the sea which is stored in the fruit as coconut water.
  • Coconut water is non-allergenic, very cleansing, a great thirst quencher and energizer. As a natural diuretic, coconut water increases urine flow. Coconut water also contains a high amount of dietary fiber that helps the body get rid of harmful toxins.
  • Coconut water provides a balanced form of nourishment, containing coconut proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, all in solution in the purest distilled water. When fasting with coconut water, you remain well-nourished without having to experience the symptoms of a complete water fast, involving tiredness, lethargy, extreme loss of weight and strength, but can continue your normal life and activities.


Young Coconuts on Sale for 50 Cents
Young Coconuts on Sale for 50 Cents


The health benefits of coconut water fast is great compared to water fasting alone. If you want that great detox, lose weight on a coconut water fast diet, live a longer, healthier life, try coconut water detox through coconut water fast.


Hope to see you in Puerto Rico!  YAHOO



Enzyme Therapy


Enzyme therapy involves the administration of enzymes into the body to treat disease, deficiencies, and other conditions. Enzymes are macromolecules that speed up biological processes in the body and work to digest food, cleanse the blood, break down toxins, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress in the pancreas, and build protein muscle. In other words, enzymes make things happen.Enzyme therapy, also known as systemic enzyme therapy, is used to treat a variety of conditions. It refers to the process of enzymes flowing through the body, producing beneficial, healing changes. It’s most often used by alternative health practitioners but is also used in mainstream medicine via asparaginase, an enzyme used in chemotherapy. Enzyme therapy may be used in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, pancreatic insufficiency, and to treat certain cancers. Enzymes can be taken intravenously, topically, or orally via pills or capsules.

Enzymes used in therapy can be divided into pancreatic enzymes and plant enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes used in enzyme therapy are derived from an animal source. These enzymes work to promote healthy immune and digestive systems. Plant enzymes are sourced from food, like pineapple and papaya, and work to make the digestive system run efficiently. Besides digestive enzymes, there are also metabolic enzymes that build new cells and repair damaged ones throughout the body.

Another type of therapy, called enzyme replacement therapy, is used to supplement people who have enzyme deficiencies. Cells in the body are capable of producing 10,000 different enzymes, yet some people have bodies that fail to produce this amount. Enzyme replacement therapy ensures that the body has enough enzymes to be beneficial. In this therapy, they are usually administered via an intravenous infusion.

The medical community is divided on whether enzyme therapy is a reliable method of treatment. There is little to no evidence supporting the success of supplementing the body with enzymes. Though many studies and tests have been conducted, none have been sufficiently unbiased to be considered generally reliable by the medical community.

Proponents claim that there are positive results from the use of enzyme supplements. Among the benefits claimed by those who encourage use of enzyme supplements include symptom relief for ulcers and allergies, weight loss, strengthened immune system, and improved circulation.

Some alternative practitioners see hope in enzyme therapy, which has proven successful in extending the lifespan of people with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic enzymes may have high cancer-fighting properties that work similar to chemotherapy by keeping tumor cells from dividing and spreading. In this form of treatment, patients supplement with enzymes but also eat a minimally-processed diet, take plenty of vitamin and mineral supplements, and detoxify their body with coffee enemas to remove any waste materials from the liver.

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Paradise Wellness retreats hit an all time HIGH!

Peace and Love Family!

How ya doing this new year?  Arent you excited that 2014 is here?  I AM!  It just feels like the opportune time to reset and start all over again.  I wanted to share the specials and events that we are having here in Puerto Rico.  Maybe it will inspire you to come on down and rejuvenate!!

Our New Year’s special is being sold right now!  We will not offer this price for a Wellness retreat AGAIN!  Imagine spending time in Paradise experiencing divine raw foods and juicing, coconut water, yoga and the very impressive rain forest journeys of El Yunque.  You will be amazed at the lush beauty this island has and the healing that it brings.  Contact us and book today!

ONE MORE SPOT LEFT! You should consider the opportunity to cleanse and detox in Paradise with a supporting group, the ability to walk down to the beach, the warmth, the sun, the fresh fruit and the deliciously amazing coconut water and its healing benefits. Reduce weight, release toxins, and empower yourself to begin a healing regimen that is nothing short of miraculous! Contact Skai Juice today and come down to Puerto Rico for our Coconut Water Detox Cleanse this March! The call has been made…

Our Liberation Vacation is one full month of emotional detox and release…we are going deep and we are going to come out on the other side empowered.  It is time to release the crap that is preventing you from achieving your highest potential.  Time to let go of the food addictions that is preventing you from achieving the healthy body you should be living in.

Our Nourishment:
We will start off with one week of all raw, the second week go into liquids: juicing, smoothies, and energy soups, then the third week, we will go deeper with a 5 day coconut water fast…the last week we will reintroduce solids with fruits and light salads.  We will talk about reintroducing food again for proper refeeding when you go back home.

Our Spiritually:
We are going to be doing a variety of things to release the negative issues that each of us has.  We will go to the rainforest and to the beach to perform symbolic rituals to let go of those things.  We will do some hypnotherapy too.  During the 5 day coconut water cleanse, we will host a 3 day silent fast:  No communication, no internet, no electricity…we are going to turn off as much of the outside world as we can, so that we can reflect and work on what we need to rebuild.  After we come out of that we will continue the rebuilding phase with enormous amounts of gratitude creating, realigning with abundance, having fun, laughing, and developing a plan to live a happier, more prosperous, more empowering life.  This is HUGE!

We must fill this retreat in order to do it…due to the fact that we are offering it at such a low rate.  Let us know asap!  Deadline to book your space and make your deposit is Feb 25th!

See!  Amazing things are happening here in Puerto Rico!  Wellness in Paradise…that is what we specialize in.  Hope to see you hear sometime soon.

Love Love Love!

Skai Juice
Paradise Wellness
Puerto Rico
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Did you know that research has shown a 9

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By the third day of listening to the stop smoking program, I began, to weep, because I knew somehow, I was free!! I am a mans man, I haven’t cried in 30 years!!

But, I have lived in a constant state of despair, self loathing, and defeatism. I felt weak and lost all confidence!! But, by the third day, half way through the session, I realized I would never smoke again, and could not stop the tears, it was like being locked in a dark closet for 6 year, and then, you open the door, and freed me, restored my confidence, and given me a whole new outlook on life!! Thank you!

Steve Smith , New York, USA

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Board Games – A Great Way to Encourage C

Board Games – A Great Way to Encourage Communication Skills and Socialization

In a day and age of distracting electronic gadgets and social networking online, playing board games with friends and family is a simple and fun way to reconnect with others. Many people today communicate via email, cell phone, or mobile device, and it can be easy to forget or neglect to learn real life communication and social skills. Here are some ways that playing board games can encourage these skills.

-Problem solving is something that board games can help teach. Learning how to deal with dilemmas is an important life skill, and board games like checkers, chess, and others require players to look ahead to solve problems, and consider the consequences of their choices.

-Learning to win and lose gracefully can go a long way in encouraging healthy socialization. No one wants a sore loser for a friend! Someone who knows how to win without taunting and lose without griping is more likely to form healthy interpersonal relationships.

-Interactive board games require players to communicate effectively, and with some board games (such as those that involve having to discern a hidden term or word), the more effective communicator is the winner. There are very few times in life when good communication skills are not necessary.

-Family time is so important – the skills you need to learn for the world begin in the home. Board games are a wonderful way for family members to learn from each other and develop those interpersonal skills that will follow them into life. Playing board games with your family can bring family members together in ways that may not have been considered before. Gaining insight into what makes your friends and/or family members “tick” can be invaluable in promoting healthy friendships and family harmony.

-Teamwork is a social skill that is applicable in school, the workplace, and in families. Board games encourage effective teamwork, and players with the best team skills are more likely to be winners.

-You will learn more and gain knowledge with some board games, such as those that test your knowledge of specific facts or concepts. This can be a significant asset for children in school.

-Healthy competition is a motivational concept that is helpful for everyone in the family, from school-age kids to grandparents. Competition encourages you to improve yourself and strive to be better.

Board games are not expensive and are readily available. Try declaring family game night, take the whole family shopping for a board game (or more than one to make sure all ages are covered), and enjoy the time together. Or the next time your friends get together, bring a board game or go out and buy one together. You’ll be glad you did!

Household Toxins and Autism The rise in

Household Toxins and Autism

The rise in autism cases has many people concerned, especially as a definite cause for the disorder is elusive. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 1 in 150 children (more boys than girls) born today will develop autism. The rise in autism since the early 1990s is epidemic in proportion, but thankfully, there are some insights as to what triggers this disorder.

Toxins in general are implicated in autism, and now environmental factors are coming under scrutiny. Specifically, household items such as cleaners are potential culprits.

In the Womb

A recent study analyzed the blood and urine of nine women across several states who were in their second trimesters of pregnancy. The study revealed 13 toxins present in the systems of these women, including Bisphenol A (BPA), perfluorinated compounds, mercury, and phthalates. What are these toxins, and where are they found?

* BPAs are used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic and food can lining. It acts as an artificial form of estrogen in the body, and its potential to adversely affect fetal development is documented. BPAs wreak hormonal havoc in adults’ bodies as well, decreasing the production of sperm in males and causing changes in behavior.

* Perfluorinated compounds are used to make non-stick cookware and stain-resistant products, such as you might have had sprayed on your furniture or carpet. Perfluorinated compounds are a potential carcinogen in people and cause tumors in laboratory animals. It is not too much of a stretch to consider that these compounds could affect brain development.

* Mercury is known to affect brain development and to harm cognitive function. Every woman in the above study had mercury in her blood. Household items that contain mercury include household batteries, fluorescent lights, thermometers, paint residues, and thermostats.

* Phthalates are implicated in reproductive problems and asthma, and interestingly, asthma and autism often occur together. Pthalates are fragrance carriers and are used in shampoos, cosmetics, and other beauty products.

Of course, exposure to these common toxins does not cease after birth. The poisoning may begin then, but it continues as the baby grows up in a household where such items are common.

Other Toxins

* Pet shampoos have been found to be used twice as often in families with autistic children. Pet shampoos contain organophosphates or pyrethroids.

* Antibacterial soaps contain ingredients that may affect the human immune system, and autoimmune disorders are associated with autism (the immune system turns inward and attacks the body, causing inflammation and other symptoms).

* Pesticides have known neurological effects and are found on everything from produce to lawns.

* Household cleaners emit vapors that are known to be toxic, to the point that some doctors warn their pregnant patients not to use them to clean the house during pregnancy. These cleaners – festooned with “Keep Out of the Reach of Children” warnings – contain carcinogens, neurotoxins, and endocrine disrupters (which means they can affect human hormones).

Perhaps if we began to take those warnings seriously and kept such products completely out of our homes, we could lower our children’s risk for developing autism.

Are you concerned with the issue of anim

Are you concerned with the issue of animal cruelty or exploitation? If so, you have probably thought not only about the implication of the food you eat but the clothes you wear. If you are concerned about the animal-friendliness (or lack thereof) of your clothing, here are some ideas for how you can dress in a manner that is animal-friendly.

1. First, find the right shop. You might prefer to purchase your animal-friendly clothing from a company that does not engage in the sale of any animal-based products. Just make sure that the company or shop you choose engages in practices that you find ethical and with which you are comfortable. Don’t be afraid to do your research and ask questions about the origin, manufacture and processing of the shop’s clothing.

2. Look for guidelines online. For example, PETA has an online shopping guide for those customers who wish to purchase animal-friendly clothing.

3. Vegan shoes can be purchased from many companies. Be sure the shoes are actually labeled “vegan” – that way, you know that no animal products whatsoever were used. Typing “vegan footwear” or “vegan shoes” into your web browser will produce many results. Remember that “organic” or “natural” are not synonymous with “vegan.” An organic or natural shoe could still contain animal products, such as natural leather or goose down.

4. Look for plant-based materials such as hemp, bamboo, jute, cork, and cotton.

5. Consider faux leather – it looks like the real thing but is animal-friendly and cheaper than “real” leather. Sometimes it is sold under the name “pleather.”

6. Read the tags before you buy. It is hard to tell from the look or feel alone whether or not a material is animal-friendly, and sometimes just a small percentage of the clothing – say the buttons – are animal-based.

7. Avoid down-filled jackets and coats, and materials such as angora, wool, cashmere, and accessories made from pearl or horn (such as buttons).

8. Be aware of “hidden” animal harm – even if a clothing material is not animal-based itself, the practices used to produce the clothing may be harmful to animals. For example, cotton may seem like an animal-friendly choice, but if wildlife habitat is destroyed to plant cotton crops, then it has a detrimental effect on animals. Be sure that the clothing you are buying is made from material that did not use animals or animal products in the production or manufacturing processes.

Wellness Revolutionaries…what do you use

Wellness Revolutionaries…what do you use to stay on track
I follow so many health advocates and fitness experts online. There is one thing that many of them recommend and that is logging what you eat and how much you work out. They all use the free logging platform at Check it out! I have set up an account and have decided to incorporate it into my daily checks and balances. The cool thing about this site is that you can program it to guide you on what particular diet you are following. I have mine set at low fat raw vegan (lfrv) and that I want to lose at least 1 pound a day. That is kind of ironic because the lfrv diet requires that you eat a minimum of like 2500 calories a day and upwards to 5000. But that is not going to work for me…because I don’t work out as much as I would like to. I guess you can say I am building up to that.
So during the day…or even all at once at the end of your day you add what foods you have eaten…including water and it tells you what you have consumed in terms of calories, protein, fat, and carbs. You also include all the body movement that you have done which will add a deficit in your caloric intake.
Check it out and sign up for it. Let’s share notes. If you are not interested in losing weight…or even that fast than adjust the settings to where it works for you. Oh yeah, there is even an app that you can use to log things from your phone.
Peace Skai