Release the Grease 3: The Raw Treatment

Peace and Love Friends!

Happy Weekend! Hopefully you all are having a fun time this weekend…for some reason it seems like this is the pivotal point where summer ends…BOO! Well, we still have some warm days ahead…thankfully. Any who, a couple things I need to briefly mention to you…you know how I am:

After having two successful Juice cleanses, Release the Grease, our Wellness Center members want to continue the mission with a 30 day Raw Food Challenge…starting THIS TUESDAY! I know right! Hey, you gotta be spontaneous here. Jump to it. So if you are interested in participating, I would like you to join this new list: release the grease 3: the raw treatment … where I will be sending out daily emails with tips, recipes, and the protocol on how to eat a raw food diet for 30 days successfully and without going into debt. The coolness about this is that: A) You don’t have to commit to 30 days…that may be too intense for most folks…but committing to as many days as you can is AWESOME! B)If you are not ready for this Tuesday, you can jump in at any time you like during the month of September and get lots of awesome information…ALL FREE!

Now, if you are really serious about participating and feel that you may need more help and resources than just a simple (fabulous) email from moi, you may want to consider joining our Online Wellness Center, hosted as a private group on FB. This forum is setup as a destination to: communicate with others for support, advice, questions and anything else; and to browse our ridiculous library, my collection, of books and videos. Yes, Im sharing almost all of my raw food, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and fitness info to the members of this amazing group and you can partake in the sharing by joining Our Wellness Center. The cost to join TODAY is only $20, which has been discounted by 30%…however come Sept 1, tomorrow, we jump back up. So HOP on it! The Value is AMAZING! To join: email me ->

So, hope to see you involved in the healing…we are going to call this next cleanse: RELEASE THE GREASE 3: The Raw Treatment…I just made that up! YAY!

Have fun and be safe this weekend….Im gonna get prepared for the cleanse and make sure you guys are ready too!


Love and Peace,
Skai Juice

Skai Juice
Skai Juice guides you on the next RELEASE THE GREASE program

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