The Failed Food Combining Chart and all the others that are just the same!
The Failed Food Combining Chart and all the others that are just the same!

Ok…let me be the one to say that this food combining chart that has been going around the world for years is one big fat bowl of junkfood. There is nothing substantial about it and folks need to stop posting it as if it really saying anything prolific. Im kinda over the health garbage that comes out every year. What we gotta say to ourselves is where is the proof and does this make sense? NO IT DOESNT!

First of all, one of the biggest issues that this food combining chart mentions is that you cant mix protein with starch. UH! Well, just about everything has a lil bit of both: Beans, protein and starch; Rice, protein and starch; Many veggies contains protein and starch; This chart is wack and has NO scientific backing whatsoever.

It doesnt even go along with the process by which we digest food at all. This chart is basically saying that the stomach requires items to be digested one at a time, no mixing of foods, due to the release of digestive enzymes. How many people have over the years stopped mixing Melons with anything else? ME!! I admit to being a fool with the food combining for years…can you find any real information as to why you can eat melons with anything else but other melons? NOPE! Me neither! And guess what Watermelons and Cucumbers are related…but you cant mix them in the same eating? Sounds pretty darn silly to me!

Let’s be SMART folks! Im going to admit that this chart has puzzled me for years….because I could never follow it..and always felt guilty of not following it. Let’s face it! If this chart were really true, all people everywhere in the entire world would be sick every time they ate because all we do is mix our foods when we eat. The basis of all cuisines in the world is mixed macronutrients…and here is the good news…YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACT CAN HANDLE IT! YAY!



  1. Hei, i really agree with you 😀
    it’s so strange we should manage our time for eat something. Because naturally human eat from natural sources dont need to wait for each type of food hahaha this one is journal ( , said that there was no significant difference in change in body weight after treatment with the food combining as compared to the calorie restricted diet. So why should food combining?

  2. Come on don’t be ridiculous. This food chart can really be healing to the digestive track. I have major acne and I am a week in and my skin looks wonderful! This may help some people who are very sensitive. You should be grateful that you don’t have hormonal imbalances, food allergies, or cancer. You have a super duper strong digestive track and immune if combining foods does not effect you. (PS there is scientific evidence) So stop complaining.

      1. Dr. Robert Morse can explain this better. He advocates for a raw fruit-based diet-no dairy, no meat. But even he says he doesn’t worry about combining different fruits-he eats whatever fruits he wants together, except for melons because they ferment in the stomach when eaten with other fruits. He says it’s ridiculous to make things so complicated because detoxing and being healthy is simple. You can watch his thousands of YouTube videos for more info. I don’t follow any one naturopath, doctor or health care practitioner, but there is a lot of truth to what he ways. When I did my liver cleanse two weeks ago (Global Healing Center), the instructions specify only to eat one type of fruit for breakfast. Anyway, I came out of that cleanse 7 lbs lighter and looking and feeling better than I have in 12 years. I was happy to learn that fruit does not promote candida growth when eaten 30 minutes before a meal (but eating the fruit after a meal will cause fermentation because fruits digest quickly while meats take a long time-so eat the fruit first).

  3. I do follow food combining and I will continue. When they mentioned portion and starch they mean flesh, breads and pasta. Obviously if it’s already has starch and protein then it’s ok. I notice a big difference when I do food combining and don’t. No indigestion, upset stomach or gas. So I believe in this way of eating. I also don’t want meat or dairy products. They don’t do good for the body.

  4. I’m sorry, but have to completely disagree and with decades of experience as to why. There are many of us who do. I had radiation given to me at age 18 for overactive thyroid and my digestion went to hell very quickly from that point forward as well as developing hypo-thyroidism for which I take a pill now every day to stay alive. The pill does that for me, but never got me back to even the faulty digestion I had before, before it went so acute. I _have_ to follow very strict food combining to do well even though I’m 100% raw vegan. I’m allergic to cooked food, that’s how sensitive I became. And I’m just an example of what can happen to any of us. Sooner or later (i.e., like my parents whoe are seniors now), everyone develops some form of sensitivities to foods – my folks who had cast-iron stomachs now complain of what I had since my late teens! How the might have fallen … hate that expression but it’s true. They’re only now understanding what I’ve lived with all my adult life (I’m now in my early 50s), so the sooner people start taking care of how they eat their foods, the better it will be for them. It’s best not to wait till the problems become acute, like my folks did by ignoring the signs. Food combining is necessary for optimum digestion; it’s whether or not you feel it yet.

    1. That’s too bad they destroyed your thyroid. They did that to my aunt as well, and she then developed cancer on the thyroid a few years later, and completely removed the thyroids of two close friends years ago. thyroid malfunction is due to iodine deficiency. Dr. David Brownstein writes about it. You should try Iodoral (Lugol’s formula) or nascent iodine from kelp such as Waikaitu, the purest kelp and is from New Zealand. Be well!

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  6. The sad thing is that most people do feel sick after every (badly combined) meal..they become stricken with heart burn, bloating, headaches, stomach aches, tiredness, etc..

    Proper food combining makes a lot of sence actually. It takes some self control and planning.. But it’s worth it if your not popping anti-acid pills after every meal!

  7. I’m gonna say this much that I’ve always had problems with my digestion, and once I tried this chart, magically, everything was fine. No digestion problems whatsoever. So, as for me, it really did work. And it’s very easy to follow.

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