How to use Konjac Root Powder!

Hola!  How ya doing?  So, if you haven’t read my article about the best supplement in the world, then I believe that is where you need to start. I was so excited about it when I discovered it that I didn’t really feel that I completed the story some days later when I reread it.  I said to myself, Skai, folks are not going to know how to use this stuff…so here we go.

Konjac Root
Konjac Root

First of all, you can get Konjac root in the capsule form, but I do not recommend it all.  Im just not into consuming by swallowing.  I prefer to eat and chew everything.  So, I would never really recommend anything in the pill form. Not to mention that Konjac has this unique way about it that I actually think is rather dangerous, so I don’t think that Konjac is very safe to swallow.  You see, Konjac has one of the most superior viscosities on the planet. That means that when you had water to Konjac it just swells up to like 1000x the size that it started from.

On the lite scale, you can use it to create thicker sauces in your cooking…but naturally we are trying to use it for a weight loss supplement.  So, that is why I recommend it in the powder form.  There have been cases where people have choked from Konjac root because it gets lodged in the throat if it is not completely swallowed, which can cause chocking.  So, let us stick with the powder form for now and have found that I actually prefer to eat it then to drink it.

Order your Konjac Root Powder Here!
Order your Konjac Root Powder Here!

I have been experimenting with Konjac root for a very short while now and I prefer to make it into a “pudding” or “applesauce” and then eat it like a breakfast with a spoon.  You can actually just add water and let it gel up and then eat it…but life is meant to be enjoyed. So I started making mine with Apple Juice.  Basically what I would do is get a glass jar with a lid on it.  And old Salsa jar is perfect because it is short and stout enough to accommodate the amount of liquid you would need.  Pour in about 10 oz of juice into the jar and add one heaping tablespoon in to the jar.  Cover tightly and quickly shake the contents to death. The colder the juice, the less clumps you will have in your jar.  Unlike corn starch that needs to be heated to thicken, Konjac thickens in cold water.  However, it actually thickens faster in hot water…so using it cold will give you a minute or two more to gel.  I usually let it sit for a few so it can do its thing and then I grab a spoon and eat it.

After a while the apple juice got boring, so I had to switch it up and bought some Simply Lemonade and mixed that in.  I actually loved that and started using different juices to change the flavor.  So I am assuming that you can use any flavor juice that you want to.  Now, I read somewhere online that people are using Crystal Light to sweeten and flavor their Konjac pudding and I said to myself absolutely NO WAY!  Crystal Light is like putting plutonium in your body…chemicalized and toxic. Don’t do it!  Now, if you are interested in creating a pudding without any calories whatsoever, then I would recommend you get those flavored stevia drops that people use for coffee.  They come in a slew of flavors.

Flavored Stevia Drops
Flavored Stevia Drops can be used to create a flavored Konjac pudding without adding sugar calories

Once you have made your “pudding”, you should be eating this first thing in the morning.  This should be your breakfast.  After you eat it, make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards.  Almost immediately after you eat it, you will actually feel stuffed.  It is as if it has expanded in your stomach and will definitely prevent you from overeating because you feel completely full.  You can go without eating till afternoon where you should consume a nice big salad and smoothie…but you may not even be able to consume everything still.  You can adjust your eating according to how you feel with your new Konjac pudding added into your diet.  This is really good for folks who eat too much or even too many calories.  When you are full, you now have to take heed to your body saying…Im good!  Having a feeling of fullness without eating too many calories will give your body the opportunity to release the weight in a natural fashion.  And it kinda “sykes” you out, because you don’t feel deprived at all.  You wont be hungry.

You do have to eat, and hopefully with your Konjac pudding addition to your diet you can eat the right things now that you are in control.  Remember you still have to eat.  Konjac is not a food with nutrients enough in it to sustain you.  Don’t go on a konjac binge because Skai said it will fill me up…no that is not going to work.

Konjac root powder gels up immediately with water or any other liquid
Konjac root powder gels up immediately with water or any other liquid

Konjac is an all natural, all vegetarian, plant based filler.  I read somewhere that it is comparable to getting lap band surgery.  Basically you fill your stomach up so that you can only get a smaller amount of food in it and what happens you eat less.  That is the basically gist of it.

So what happens to Konjac in your stomach later?  It digests in the system and you poop it out.  Pretty simple.  Konjac root has some nutrients which I mentioned in the first article about it.  But remember is 100% soluble fiber. Your bowels are going to be so happy.  You are going to fill a bowl up like never before and everything is going to be floating…as it should.  Sorry for being graphic, but I know this is soo important.

Even Dr Oz has said how much he loves Konjac Root (glucomannan) and that he highly recommends it. So, now I recommend it and will continue to play with it to make things that are tasty.  I was reading the back of my Sunwarrior Smoothie Powder and noticed that they have listed Konjac Root on the back as well.  I think I am going to order some more and start using it as an additive for my puddings…especially since they have chocolate!


2 Replies to “How to use Konjac Root Powder!”

  1. Hi!

    Super great article, it’s very informative and gets you excited about eating root!

    I wish I read this sooner because I recently bought two bottles of 700MG konjac root. I’ve taken these pills for about 2 weeks now and I’ve had NO change in my appetite. I take 3 pills 30 mins before my meals and nothing happens. I don’t even feel slightly fuller.

    I’m going to experiment with the powder form and see if that works better. Would it be safe to pop in half the capsules I purchased and use that powder for my pudding? How much of those capsules will I need to have a good amount of pudding?

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