The problem with Soy

I work with many people who want to do a juice cleanse to transition from an unhealthy diet to one consisting of more live foods. A pattern I see many people fall into during their journey is the over consumption of soy products. I have to ask, whatever happened to vegetarians eating vegetables? So many vegetarians are what I call, TOFU VEGETARIANS. These are folks who insist on eating foods made from tofu as a replacement for meat. This can include items like ribs, chicken, ham, turkey, etc. Some of you are still eating those nasty SOY CHUNKS often sold in Caribbean grocery stores.


I get it! The taste and texture of soy meat is often a lifesaver for those just making the transition from carnivore to vegetarian. But do you know what soy does to the body?


What’s so bad about soy?


The primary reason for avoiding soy is that the overwhelming majority of it grown in the United States is genetically modified. Genetically modified foods have been linked to birth defects, reproductive health problems, etc. Even organically grown soy can be a problem as it contains elements that make it difficult for humans to digest.


Dr. Joseph Mercola gives us a great breakdown as to why an overconsumption of soy is bad for your health. The phytic acid in soy blocks absorption of minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Trypsin inhibitors block the digestion of protein which may cause problems with your pancreas. Goitrogens can interfere with thyroid metabolism. Phytoestrogens and isoflavones mimic estrogen made in the body and can increase risk for breast cancer and infertility. The list goes on and on.


A better choice


The best type of soy for meal times is fermented soy products like soy sauce, miso, tempeh, and natto. However, fermented soy products are best used as a condiment and not a regular meal staple. Your greens should be the main star of your plate. Learn to love and crave the taste of kale, collards, swiss chard, and any other leafy green vegetable you have available to you. As much as vegans and vegetarians talk about saving the lives of animals, you have to know that fake meat is still dead. It is not giving you any valuable nutrients your body needs to thrive in the world. So put the the fake meat away and get another helping of GREENS!




Eat Your Sprouts and Microgreens!

I just posted a video where I shared my sprouts and microgreens garden in Puerto Rico with you. I love it! See how green and lush it is?! Putting all the diet labels aside (vegan, raw, etc.), no matter what kind of diet you are eating, everyone can benefit from eating more live foods. Right now, there is no better live food for your health and tastebuds than eating sprouts and microgreens.


Is there a difference between sprouts and microgreens?


Technically, yes, there is a difference between sprouts and microgreens, however people use the terms interchangeably. So let me give you the low down on what the difference are.


Sprouts are germinated seeds produced in water. You may have seen someone take seeds and beans like alfalfa or mung, place it in a jar with water for a few days, and VOILA you have sprouts. A very easy “gardening” project without the use of soil.


Microgreens, on the other hand, are the mini versions of vegetables, herbs, and other edible plants, grown in soil. The microgreen is the part of the plant that is eaten in the coteleydon growth stage — or when the first two leaves form. You’ll see in the video that I plant them in a little less than an inch of moist soil that allows them to grow to a couple of inches in a matter of days.


What are the benefits of sprouting and growing microgreens?


The nutritional benefits of eating sprouts and microgreens can vary depending upon the type of seeds you are using. Generally speaking, microgreens can have 4 to 40 times more concentrated nutrients than a fully mature plant. Not bad for such a small plant!


Besides the nutritional benefits, growing sprouts and microgreens are great are great for people who are short on space and money. In the video you will see my buckwheat and sunflower green trays. But feel free to use collards, parsley, bok choy, watercress, etc. I grow them in small planting trays so if you live in an urban environment with little to no space for planting a full garden, you can still plant your own microgreens indoors, on a porch, a window ledge, a fire escape… you get the idea! Anywhere you can steal a little bit of sunshine (or the light from a small light bulb) and you can have fresh greens any time of the year. No excuses!!!






Solavei is one of the newer providers in the ever-growing field of MVNOs providing prepaid service. For $49 per month, Solavei gives you unlimited talk and text and 4 GB of high-speed 4G data, after which 2G throttling occurs. And of course there’s no contract. Mobile service contracts are bad, and I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody. The 4 GB data allotment is higher than most other providers in the industry at a very similar price point. But that’s where things really get interesting.

At a glance

  • Partner Network(s): T-Mobile
  • Package Details: Unlimited voice, text, and data (data limited to 4 GB/month of high-speed 4G data, after which 2G throttling occurs)
  • Monthly Fee: $49
  • Sign-up Fee: $9 for the SIM card
  • Perks: Referral program (see below)

The Solavei Difference

$49 per month is cheaper than what you’re likely paying if you’re still on a postpaid plan, but if $49 for unlimited talk, text, and 4 GB of high-speed 4G data wasn’t a good enough deal for you, Solavei has a unique twist: they pay you for using Solavei’s service. More accurately, you get paid for referring their service. It’s a basic referral program as with most other products, but unlike other referral programs, the payout isn’t limited to a one-time disbursement. Solavei will pay you every month for your referrals (more details on this program below).

Now, before you read any further, because I’ve had this question a lot, let me state right now that Solavei is real. Solavei is not a scam. You can completely ignore the referral program (Solavei calls it their “compensation plan”) and still use them as your wireless service provider with no difference in service.

I signed up with Solavei during their initial public launch, and while the company has experienced a few growing pains, they’re consistently making improvements to their member resources and making it easier to join by lowering the barrier to entry. They frequently add new tools and advice on how to be successful in sharing Solavei with others.

Solavei is able to pay their members because they don’t spend money on their own marketing. They believe in the power of social marketing – that is, people like you and me – to bring other people to the service. Obviously, the more customers Solavei has, the more money they have, and the more money they have, the more they can pay the people doing the work to sell their product.

Solavei’s Compensation Plan

If $49 per month is enough for you, and you have no interest in trying to share and refer others to Solavei, that’s perfectly fine. You can skip this section entirely. If you’d like to make a supplemental income from a simple referral program, however, continue reading this section for an explanation of Solavei’s pay structure.

Solavei’s pay structure consists of Trio PayPath Pay, and a Fast Action Bonus (FAB).

Trio Pay

Solavei Compensation Plan Overview

Solavei pays on a “Trio”-basis extending down one level from your direct referrals (click to enlarge).

Solavei has a concept of “Trios” — a set of 3 unique referred subscribers — and each Trio you have results in a monthly stipend to you, the referrer. In other words, if you sign up 3 people with your referral link, you receive $20/month for as long as that Trio is active. Trio benefits cascade two levels upward to your sponsor (referrer), so when you fulfill a Trio and earn $20/month, so does your sponsor. This payment is called “Trio Pay”.

Fast Action Bonus

For the first 60 days of your service, Solavei will pay one-time bonuses for each completed Trio known as a Fast Action Bonus (“FAB”). For each completed Trio (up to 4, for a total of 12 people) you directly enroll during your FAB period, you receive an additional $50 one-time payment.

Path Pay

Solavei Compensation Plan: Path Pay

Solavei pays you based on your network size, in addition to your direct Trio pay (click to enlarge).

Solavei’s final form of payment is the “Path Pay”. As your Personal Network (the sum of your Direct Network referrals plus your Extended Network [second level referrals]) expands, Solavei will pay you an additional monthly tier-based bonus.

Path Pay begins with your fourth qualified Trio. If your network grows large enough to warrant an increase in your tier rank (see image to the right), in addition to the Trio Pay and the Path Pay, you get an additional one-time Path Bonus. At your 12th qualified Trio, you get a one-time bonus of $500 in addition to the normal Trio Pay and Path Pay.

The 40% Rule

There is a small limitation when it comes to Path Pay, and Solavei calls it the “40% Rule”:  No more than 40% of the total network Trios required to advance to the next rank can come from a single individual in your direct network. It’s a simple rule, and it keeps things balanced to everyone just in case you stumble upon a wildly successful social marketer with massive social influence, and they grow an unbelievably-sized network. If they’re in your Trio, but the other two people making up that Trio either choose not to sell Solavei to others or they’re simply not as successful, only 40% of that person’s Trios are counted toward your Extended Trios for the purposes of determining Path Pay. While this sounds artificially limited, you can still earn a massive income based solely on your rockstar recruit’s efforts.

Let’s look at an example.

Solavei Compensation Plan: 40% Rule

No more than 40% of the total network Trios required to advance to the next rank can come from a single individual in your direct network (click to enlarge).

In this example, let’s assume Friend1, Friend2, and Friend3 are all in the same Direct Trio. Friend4 is not in a completed Trio. How much would you make each month?

  • Fast Action Bonus: If Friend1, Friend2, and Friend3 were all recruited in the first 60 days of your membership, you earn a one-time payment of $50.
  • Trio Pay: Friend1, Friend2, and Friend3 make up a single Trio. If this is your only Trio, you earn $20/month. However, you also have 52 Trios paying you from Friend1, 4 Trios paying you from Friend2, and 3 Trios paying you from Friend3, for a total of 60 Trios in your Personal Network. Friend4′s 1 Trio does not count toward your Personal Trios because they are not in a completed Trio. 60 * $20 = $1200/month.
  • Path Pay: In this example, you have 12 Trios in your Personal Network (1 Direct, 11 second-level Trios). This qualifies you as a Social Connector, earning you a Path Pay of $200/month. If this is your first payment at this level, you also earn a one-time payment of $500.
  • Total One-Time Pay: $550
  • Total Monthly Pay: $1220

This example is not very typical, but it was chosen explicitly to demonstrate the different rules of Solavei’s Compensation Plan. You can read all the details of Solavei’s Compensation Plan along with their Compensation Disclosure Statement on their website.

Conclusion: You get what you put into it, but even at zero effort, it’s a good choice

So is Solavei worth the effort? I vote yes. I don’t personally go out of my way to actively recruit people because I have a day job and other responsibilities – not the least of which includes running this blog – and as a result, it’s not a huge form of income for me. However, I’m in contact with other Solavei members who put forth significantly more effort and they make considerably more, including a select few who make an unbelievable $1000+ per month! In the worst-case, you get no referrals, and you still pay less per month than you would from a traditional postpaid plan. It’s still a win.


Sign up for Solavei, pay less and earn more!

MAKE IT RAIN! Liquid Gold!

Welcome June 2013! So much happens in June. It is the end of a major season and the beginning of a new. Over the next three weeks the earth will metamorphosize and the Summer Solstice will be upon us — a very important transition in the Universe.


What else is significant about the coming of the summer solstice? It’s six months into 2013 and I’m looking at my goals sheet saying okay Skai…some of this stuff has not been checked off yet! But rather than sit in fear or feelings of failure, I use this time to TURN UP THE HEAT and get the ball rolling. Its RIDE or DIE time NOW!


This summer, I’ll be trading in the beautiful sights of Luquillo, Puerto Rico for the soulful sounds of Philadelphia, PA. I will be doing my 3-day Liquid Ritual Juice Cleanse for people who want a jumpstart in recommitting to the goals you set way back on January 1st. Did you want to lose weight? Work out more? Start (or restart…) a creative project? Focus on more positive thoughts? It’s never too late to define those goals again! Juice cleansing can help you do all that and more!


So how does the Liquid Ritual Juice Cleanse work? You get 3 days of beautiful, freshly pressed green and fruit juices from Chef Skai’s kitchen. The juices are delivered to your doorstep in the Philadelphia area. I give you step-by-step support to tell you how to drink the juice to minimize hunger and detox symptoms. The cost of the Liquid Ritual Juice Cleanse is a very affordable $149 — including the cost of delivery. You don’t get this much value from more expensive designer juicing programs that cost much, much more!

So if you’re in Philadelphia, and ready to recommit to YOU this summer, I want to support you. Whatever will bring you to the succulent, juicy, abundant life you are trying to achieve…TODAY is the time to rev it up a notch. Place your order TODAY!