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It’s HOT outside and the more important for you to get your water on. Water is an important element in our lives. Without it, the body can’t function properly. When the weather gets warm, excessive loss of water can lead to dehydration.

What Is Dehydration?

Dehydration refers to loss of water that affects the body. In hot weather or at any time, the body uses just as much water as it takes in. That is why water intake is so critical to your daily diet.

How does the body lose water? Metabolic processes like cellular repair and cellular respiration require water. Each cell bathes in it. Excretion of bodily waste products through urination causes a loss of water as well. But, the quickest way that we lose water from the body is through perspiration or sweat.

When you are out in the hot weather, the body sweats to cool itself off. Water escapes the body through the skin. Here it evaporates cooling the tissues below. It may not feel like you are cooling off when water is dripping from your body, but have someone blow across your skin. Feel it now?

Most of the time when you are thirsty, you are already feeling the effects of dehydration. Some of the symptoms are:

* Light-headedness

* Dark urine

* Loss of appetite

* Heat intolerance

* Dry cough

* Fatigue

Nutritionists recommend that we drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Some doctors have upped that limit to ten or more depending on your activity level and/or body weight.

Avoiding Dehydration

The best way to deal with dehydration is to avoid it in the first place. With a few tips you can ensure that you are always adequately hydrated, whether out in the heat or inside out of the elements.

* Drink water throughout the day – Drinking a ton of water during heavy activity doesn’t account for any deficiencies you already had during the day. Once you start to sweat you could create a deficit rather quickly. If you are trying to drink at least eight glasses a day, drink one glass about every two hours for even hydration.

* Wear loose-fitting clothing during physical activity – In the heat, dark clothing can attract more heat. Light, loose-fitting clothing made of breathable fabrics, preferably cotton, can minimize water loss through sweat. It can also pull moisture away from your body so you stay cooler.

* Avoid soft drinks and alcohol – These types of beverages only increase thirst. Instead of water loss being replaced with water, it is replaced with substances that the body needs to excrete. In fact, more water is pulled from your system to dilute them. They may taste good but they are not helping your body at that moment. Save the beer or cold soda for relaxation time later on.

Dehydration is a serious matter. Whether it is hot or you are exercising a lot, replace that lost water with more water on a consistent basis to stay healthy.


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One of my worst pet peeves is BACNE!  That is Back Acne…I made that up! (giggle) Anyway, I realize my issue years ago when I was back home in St Croix and I went to a parade…probably Carnival or something like that. One particular Queen…I think she was Mrs. Virgin Islands or something like that…was this gorgeous girl. I mean she really was in the gorgeous percent of the population … just beautiful…her eyes, her smile, her face in general …looked like it was drawn by a professional artist.  I never saw the pageant but after looking at her court…the runner’s ups…I knew they had picked the best choice.  Anyway…her float passed by and she turned around waving to the people in the crowd and I got a look at her back. Cue in the sound of a screeching car…

It seems to me at that moment that life became real.  I mean this perfect human being had some serious obvious flaws.  Her back looked scary.  And I was saying to myself, if she had only wore a dress that covered that up, my fantasy of her perfect beauty would have not been tainted. I was really disappointed.  It made me realize that there really isn’t any perfect beauty…or any perfect thing in the world.

So, fast forward to where I am today.  I have dry skin.  That basically means that I would be lease likely to suffer from acne of any kind…but as I age I will be more prone to wrinkling and the like.  I will probably age faster (in terms of my skin) than my oily skinned friends.  Not if I can help it.  I drink tons of water and coconut water.  Rarely do I drink anything else. And I always moisturize my skin…sometimes twice a day…cause when the heat is on, I find myself jumping in the shower in the late afternoon.

So here are some tips that I scoured the internet for to treat and prevent BACNE:

Back acne is usually more widespread than facial acne and can even spread to the chest, arms, buttocks and shoulders in many cases.  It affects males and females of all ages and is often more severe in males.  Back acne is usually in the form of acne similar to that on the face or other parts of the body.  It can be anything from a pimple to a blackhead and can vary in size and shape.  In more severe cases back acne may form pustules or cysts.  These are very painful and form deep under the skin’s surface.

Causes of back acne

Back acne usually first occurs during puberty and if it’s not too severe will go away when the person reaches their mid twenties.  However some more severe cases can continue on well into a person’s forties.  Back acne is more likely to occur during puberty or for women when they are menstruating.  Sometimes back acne occurs due to a hormonal imbalance; however this is a rare occurrence.  Contrary to many beliefs back acne is not caused by things like stress, fatty foods, poor hygiene, genetics, or sweating, although most of these things can or do cause acne to worsen if you already suffer from it.

Back Acne Prevention

It is best to try and keep stress at a minimum, to maintain a healthy diet and shower after any physical activity that causes excessive sweating to occur.  Perspiration can get trapped against your skin and then mixing with oils it clogs the pores and hair follicles causing back acne to worsen.  Exfoliating on a weekly basis also helps and is safer to do on your back since the skin is so thick compared to the skin on our faces.  It helps get rid of all those nasty dead skin cells that can make back acne worse.  If you notice any bad reactions from exfoliating refrain from continuing exfoliation treatment and ask your dermatologist for other suggestions.

It is almost impossible to keep our backs free from being touched.  We always run the risk of something irritating the acne whether it be a shirt clinging to tightly to us, a type of detergent we use to wash our clothes, or a back pack that we carry.  However limiting what touches our back can help prevent further outbreaks from occurring.  A few things to remember are that when you have back acne the skin on your back becomes a lot more sensitive to different things.

You should always wash your back when showering to help keep the spreading of further bacteria at bay.  It is wise to only wash with a mild soap.  The best type you can use would be one for sensitive skin.  Many will say right on the bottle that they are for sensitive skin and/or dermatologist recommended.  Try to stay away from soaps with strong perfumes or scents as this usually causes irritation or allergic reactions.

Never wash your clothes with a strong detergent.  Like sensitive skin soap products there are also laundry detergents for people with skin problems.  A few other things that you want to try and stay clear of are taking really hot showers.  The heat from the hot water will irritate your back and cause the acne to become inflamed.  This can cause the spreading of further and more severe acne.  Don’t use things like loofas or scrub brushes on your back, it too will irritate the skin and make the acne worse.

If you use a wash cloth to bathe, wash your skin as lightly as possible.  When drying off with a towel after showering, be sure that you do not rub your back really hard with the towel.  It is better to just lightly pat your back dry, to prevent inflammation and irritation from occurring.  Avoiding tight clothing that will rub against the acne is also a good idea.  If you have a backpack that you need to carry for classes try to find one that fits loosely and will not rub against your back and shoulders or weigh your back and shoulders down too much.

Back Acne Treatment

Washing regularly can help treat back acne. However you want to make sure that you use one of the soaps mentioned above and that you do not excessively wash.  This can cause dryness and irritation to occur.

In most cases back acne is treated with the same types of medication as facial acne.  It is best to see a dermatologist so that they can diagnose you and find the proper treatment for you and your specific case of acne.  Back acne should never be left untreated as it will only get worse in most cases.  If left untreated it can even cause cysts or other types of damage to the skin.  Not only will seeing a dermatologist hopefully help prevent and treat your back acne, but it will also make you feel more confident.  Many times when a person has back acne it is a form of eczema and anyone who has had eczema knows that it itches a great deal and can be quite uncomfortable.  Seeing a dermatologist can help because they can give you medications or lotions to stop itching and irritation.

Back Acne Scars

Due to the severity of the condition, and people’s tenancy to let it go for too long without treatment, back acne often leaves scars behind. Back acne scars are similar to acne scars left on the face, but are often more severe. It is important not to confuse permanent scars with temporary hyperpigmentation (red marks). The red marks from acne will fade on their own with time, but scars are always permanent unless you get them treated.

Depending on the exact type of scar, there are a number of treatment options available for back acne scars. For ice pick, rolling, or boxcar back acne scars, dermabrasion or skin fillers can often produce good results. Keloid or hypertrophic scars, on the other hand, are more severe and will often require laser resurfacing or even a form of surgery to properly treat them.


Seeing a dermatologist is also a good idea because it helps minimize your chances of scarring.  Back acne is one of the types of acne that is more prone to scarring because it is itchy and gets irritated easily.  Never pick or squeeze your acne.  This will only cause further irritation and spreading of bacteria to occur.  In conclusion having back acne may seem like it’s the end of the world, but just try and remind yourself that its not!  There are all kinds of treatments and steps to prevention that one can take to make their situation better!  You are not alone in suffering with this skin problem!  Having flawless skin is rare, and 90% of people worldwide are affected with some sort of acne!  So take a deep breath and relax.  You are on the road to recovery.  It’s a step by step process but you can do it!

Sourced from: www.eliminateyouracne.com

And I cannot speak enough of one’s diet.  Your exterior always reflects your interior.  So if your body is breaking out with Acne…anywhere…it is most likely time to DETOX!!

If you are in need of cleansing and want to come down to Puerto Rico…please contact me asap. I offer vegan, pescatarian and coconut water detox cleanse.  Check out my website too:  www.skaijuice.com

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Im gonna tell you one thing!  I hate stuff. Stuff is the weight that brings me down.  And I just can’t stand that we have to have stuff to live.  I mean except for the basic necessities like shelter, food and a few outfits, really what else do you need. I look around my surroundings sometimes and feel like I have too much. And guess what we really don’t have much anymore.  Since I left Baltimore, and gave away EVERYTHING…couldn’t really sell it because everything I owned came from a Thrift Store anyway. I don’t even think of myself as a minimalist…but I guess I am.

My husband is a whole different story.  He loves stuff.  I think if it wasn’t for me, he would be in one of those Hoarder episodes. He needs a big house because he needs a lot of things around him.  It makes him feel comfortable for some reason.  It’s quite funny because he has more things than me…more clothes, more shoes, more everything!  He has so much stuff in storage in the states it’s quite the sickness I think.

The way I want to live is extremely light. There are only a few things that I must have. A good quality laptop with insurance on it…Yes, because my son, Sun, poured water all over it.  A Vitamix and good juicer are necessities for my retreats and home. A comfortable mattress…Im getting old. Not into the floor thing anymore.  And clothes…I mean have you been in a Thrift Store lately. You can buy clothes so cheaply, you can virtually throw them away after you wear them…which I don’t do. I’ve gotten rid of so many things that I don’t miss for one minute.  Im amazed at how much stuff we have and keep.

We recently moved…I actually love moving…well, not really.  But it is a good time to get rid of things.  Everything you pick up you say to yourself:  Do I need this? Do I use this?  What is this?  I had three piles going: Save, Throw Away, and Give Away. It was actually quite exhausting when you think about it.  Stuff is stuff, and hiring a management team would seem ideal…maybe if I hit the Jackpot, I will consider more stuff, because then I can hire someone to handle it.

Any who, I hope you are having a wonderful day, where ever you are in the world.  I love the fact the internet brings us all together. This is like a dream come true for me.  I have always dreamed that people could stay connected all the time.  And look at where we are now.  Now we stay connected so much….it’s too much!  Lol

Check out The Story of Stuff:  http://www.storyofstuff.org/movies-all/story-of-stuff/  and also check out their website: http://www.storyofstuff.org/  …This is totally up my alley and completely what Im talking about.  You may have seen it already, it’s not new…but I think you should review it again and even watch some of their new movies.

Also, thanks to all those who have purchase a copy of my newest book:  Chef Skai’s 25 HOTTEST Easy Recipes: Vegan Cooked and Raw.  I finally have been able to get all this stuff out of my head.  WHEW!  More to come….love ya

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Green Goodness: How Regular Servings of Greens Just Might Save Your Life




There’s an old refrain that used to terrify children (and even some adults) at dinner tables across America; sadly, you just don’t hear it as much as you used to:


“Eat your greens!”


With the Standard American Diet (S.A.D. for short) continuing to devolve into regular servings of boxed, canned and microwavable dishes or even foods picked up from the nearest drive-thru window, regular servings of greens are more crucial than ever before.

But I Have a Little Salad Now and Now and Then…

Mind you, I don’t mean iceberg lettuce, that water-filled, nutrient-deprived leaf that too often passes for salad. I’m talking kale, spinach, arugula, chard, collards, mustard or dandelion greens, watercress, even romaine lettuce – all of those dark green leaves you may be passing by on your weekly visit to the supermarket. Don’t skip them next time; they just might save your life…


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Last Chance on “The Future of Health Now”…


If you followed “The Future of Health Now” event that recently took place you had the opportunity to listen in to 20 amazing interviews all for free.  If you didn’t get a chance to listen to all the interviews or if you simply want to be able to own the recordings of the interviews forever I suggest clicking on the link below asap.  The opportunity to own these audios and also get charter membership access into the Future of Health Now community ends tonight at midnight! 







The Real Deal About Probiotics


It’s amazing to see just how many probiotic products can be found in your local supermarket these days. Banana-nutmeg yogurts, guava-grape kefirs, even gourmet chocolate bars – all probiotic. It’s a bit surprising, as it wasn’t too long ago that finding a great probiotic meant rummaging through a tucked-away fridge in the back corner of your tiny, local health food store.


It shouldn’t be that shocking, however. These days, it only takes a celebrity mentioning they use a particular product to ignite a fad of epic proportions, with magazines at the supermarket checkout touting them as miracle cure-alls.


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Today I went in to the market and there was a huge bin full of HUGE avocados.  They were priced at 2 for $3…which is amazing because they are normally one for $3…or more sometimes.  The only thing that looked strange was that there was a huge label on them that said Slimcado.  And I was like what they HECK is this now!  You know folks are always trying to mess up nature.  So I went online to find out more.

Come to find out, they are not genetically modified, or altered in any way…it’s just a big marketing ploy. This particular variety of avocado which is normally found here in the Caribbean anyway, but not as popular as those small little black Haas avocados of Mexico, are just a different species of avocado and I guess the growers are trying to let folks know that these “Slimcados” contain less fat. WHEW!  I was holding my breath for a minute there.  I thought they were growing them with some Splenda or something strange in their makeup. Anyway, they are cool!  Just so you know.  And if you are used to eating Haas avocados then these avocados are gonna taste way different.  They are more juicy then a  an island that already grows the same exact Avocado. That’s why I got confused.  The problem is these chain grocery stores bring avocados in from Florida?!?!?  Why do they do that? They grow right here in PR.  In fact there are about 5 bearing trees in my neighbor’s yard…whom we are about to be closest friends.  http://www.brookstropicals.com/slimcado/

And that brings me to another thought about growing food.  I have this thing about tomatoes.  I mentioned that I added fresh red tomatoes into my recipe yesterday…right?  Have you noticed the tomatoes at the market these days? I mean a tomato is supposed to be red. These mealy looking, pinkish, mauve, salmon, peach colored tomatoes are just plain gross to me.  I don’t buy them.  I used to buy plum tomatoes because I thought they were more red then the regular tomatoes.  Then the market brought in another variety…a Campari tomato.  It’s a gourmet variety and I love them.  They are the best thing to fresh picked and organic.  Get what you can! These tomatoes are so gorgeous they really make a difference when you make a salad.  And as an artist there are just certain brands of paint that I have to use.  The Campari tomatoes are that brand. And Im really not shi-shi about food really!  Well, sometimes…

A friend of mine here in PR grows the best DARN tomatoes I have ever had in my life.  Every time I go to his place True and I are sitting in his garden eating tomatoes right off the vine.  I have got to get you the name of them….it escapes me right now.  I need to get those seeds.  These tomatoes taste really like a fruity juicy plum of some sort.  Its crazy to even think of them as tomatoes the veggie…they are more like tomatoes then fruit.

Anyway, Im signing off here…it just started pouring down..and Im gonna stop working on this electric box.  PEACE!

Do you really LOVE Veggies? I mean REALLY!

Cjef Skai Juice
Dont get me started in the kitchen!

Peace and Love Family!

It’s a Beautiful Day!  Yay!  Here in Puerto Rico the weather is hot and rainy, which is nice to me.  I like when it rains enough to cool the earth down, and then the sun comes out to dry it all up, repeat process.  It means we have no control…and living here near the rainforest means that it will rain at least once a day…if not more.

Today, I made such the most simplest meal…it’s embarrassing to say that Im a chef, because this is some lazy, delicious shit right here!  Anyway, I tell you what I made in a sec.  I just wanted to bring to your attention that I believe that many people, who claim Vegetarian, really don’t LOVE vegetables.  I mean really LOVE vegetables. You know like that insatiable urge to eat plants.  I bet if I were to do a survey most Vegetarians would realize that deep down they are not really vegetarians at all.  For some reason, they feel like being a Vegetarian is the most optimal way to live…as far as health, animals, the environment, and/or for spiritual or religious beliefs…whatever their reason is they were convinced that this is the way they should eat. So, they chuck it up and dive into the old vegetarian basket of goodies…faking for years that they love to eat this way, because…you know…the reasons listed above. Why do I say that?  Because I know a lot of Vegetarians, and the majority of them are never satisfied with a meal that consists of just vegetables.  Sometimes, they will go for a whole salad platter, but by the time they are through putting on all the “fixins” and dressing, the salad becomes unrecognizable.

Now, this may not be every Vegetarian in the world, there are no absolutes, but I do believe my theory is pretty sound.  For example, growing up in the Caribbean, I was around a ton of Vegetarians who couldn’t eat a meal without bread, rice, potato, or some other starch. When I visited Jamaica and I was sitting on the beach eating an avocado with a spoon and some Rasta children came up to me and asked me in amazement what I was doing…they said they never ate an avocado like that.  Well, I know that was a cultural thing, because in the islands they eat avocado on bread…and usually with cheese if they are not vegan. And Indians love to claim Vegetarian…but ask them to eat veggies only, with no rice and no legumes at all…PERISH THE THOUGHT!  The meal wouldn’t be complete they would say.  Not even for a quick meal? Nope!  I have tons of more examples on this but my point is my meal that I made today is one of those all veggies meals…very satisfying and very simple too!

This will take you all of 5 mins to prep and make.  All I did was sauté onions, green cabbage with granulated garlic and sea salt. Then at the last minute I threw in fresh red tomatoes, and turned off the heat, dropped the spoon and walked away. (That’s me being dramatic! lol)  That’s it! No rice, no starch…not a whole lot of hoopla. Btw, I sauté the cabbage for about 2 – 3 mins…It has to be limp but not completely soft. Then pop a huge heaping of it on a plate and sprinkle with crushed black pepper…which I am newly fond of. PRESTO! That is what I call fast food! Flavor wise this is something that is so satisfying to me, so cheap, so easy…and you can eat a lot of it…guilt free! So, this is what I call LOVING your veggies! In order to be satisfied eating this way, you really have to be a true veggie lover. I am!  I decided that a long time ago.  And you can always substitute the cabbage for anything else…Broccoli is good, Spinach, Greens like Kale or Collards, also rock!  I can even do the very same exact thing with Zucchini….and call it a day and a meal.  Would you be satisfied with a meal just this simple?  TRY IT!  And let me know what your thoughts are.


I am conducting an amazing 21 Day Detox Cleanse for everyone in the entire world…okay…I mean YOU GUYS in my inner circle…=D  (You gotta think big!) Anyway, Im gonna send out the particulars on the cleanse and if you can participate that would be awesome.  September is a perfect time to do a cleanse.  It’s the change of seasons ..from slow to fast…and the earth is also doing her thing.  On top of the cleanse, I am going to be hosting a forum every night that you can tune into to listen to our guest speakers who either professionals in the Holistic Health field, or just plain amazing people who are doing it and need to share.  More details on all of it shortly.  So far, I have over 30 people to interview…YAHOO!  This should be very cool!

Any who, have a Marvelous Day!  And be sure to show some love…LEAVE COMMENTS!


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