Paradise Wellness Updates!


How is everything going for you this new season?  The kids are back in school and everything seems to be moving along positively.  I wanted to connect with you on all the upcoming things that are going on here at Paradise Wellness.  Well, the first BIG news is that I am in the finishing up stages of writing a BOOK!  Isnt that amazing!  I think so…it really has taken me about 10 years or so to do this.  But I was recently inspired from an Agnihotra Workshop that I was fortunate to be a part of here in Naguabo at the Casa Picaflores guesthouse with Barbara Rogers.  The very next day I was writing like there was no tomorrow and I actually managed to put together 200 pages in just one week!  KAZAMM!  Anyway, Im in the clean-up and revision phase cuz it has to be TIGHT!  As soon it is released YOU will be the first to know about it! OKAY!  I promise.

Next, I have been working on my business here and been revising programs and things that I have wanted to organize for a long time.  Finally I have gotten it together.  You know perfection takes time…lol!  Anyway, I am now offering my good advice as a service to those who would like to also live their healthy and abundant life.  Introducing….PARADISE WELLNESS COACHING!!  YAY!  This month I am offering one free month to those people who are interested in trying out my services.

Here in PR, Dr Darlene Flores of La Luna Healing Chiropratic has organized a Wellness Day here at Paradise Wellness and has invited all her clients to learn about eating well from yours truly!!  I am also extending the invitation to all those interested from the four corners of La Isla Encanta! You are going to want to NOT miss this!  And yes, there will be food in the house!

Ive updated the website for the retreats and have organized them a little bit differently.  Nothing major!  Still packed with amazing raw foods, juicing, hiking, horseback riding (NEW!), swimming and of course a little retail therapy to keep all the healthy stuff balanced.  Stay connected with the retreats.  Your time is coming up!

We do have a very special retreat scheduled for April for women only called …RETURN OF THE WHOLE WOMAN: From Diva to Goddess!  This is a special retreat that we hosted a few years ago right here in PR and it was amazing.  There were several who attended who asked if we were going to host it again and naturally we said YES!  This retreat is specially geared to all you women out there that really need to take a break and revitalize your being to the core.  Isnt that like every woman?  AMEN!  Stay on this…It is SURE to sell out.  We only have 12 rooms and that is 2 per room, so book with a G-friend.

Word of mouth is OH SO Valuable!  If you get 4 friends to come on any of our retreats, your retreat is on the HOUSE! Airfare not included. So, work that networking that you have!

Anyway, take care and please stay posted.



Chef Skai

Paradise Wellness