Chef Skai’s Personal Dietary Guidelines for Optimal Health

  • Eliminate all forms of White Flour and Concentrated Sugar from the Diet…forever
  • Eliminate anything in a can…forever
  • Focus on consuming an Alkaline diet composed of All Raw Fruits and Mostly Raw Veggies…tons of Green leafy vegetables everyday: Collards, Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, etc…this should be the bulk of your eating
  • Moderate amounts of Whole Grains such as: Brown Rice, Quinoa, Barley, etc
  • Enjoy legumes in either sprouted form or cooked: Lentils, Black Beans, Black Eye, etc
  • Drink only Alkaline Water, Herbal teas unsweetened, Coconut Water, Fresh pressed juices, Green Smoothies
  • Fish occasionally if you desire, dont fry it…it becomes acidic when you do…try baking, broiling, poaching
  • Snack on Fruit and Nuts
  • Organic is a plus
  • Measure the oil and the salt you use…go down to the bare minimum
  • Make dressings for salad without oil…or very little…or use nuts, avocados, coconut for the fat…concentrated oils are acidic to the body
  • Learn to prepare fast raw meals…this will make it easier for you to get into eating more raw..also discover the importance of fermenting your food.  Amazing alkalinizing benefits and tons of enzymes.
  • When you are out and about, stop at a grocery store instead of a fast food restaurant, purchase some fruit and some healthy juice…fill up on bananas…that is fast food
  • Fast periodically throughout the year…I mean a water fast..for like 10 days. Read the Miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg to get as much information as you can before you do it. This eliminates the toxins out the body and resets your life.
  • Occasionally brake the routine and eat something off the list…you will find that your body doesnt desire it anymore. Your tongue and your body will crave the foods that you feed it. The more you eat the bad stuff the more you want it. The more you eat the good stuff, the more you are going to crave the good stuff.
  • Eat smaller portions…we are an over eating society
  • Chew 50 times per fork full….in other word, eat nice and slow…you will fill up faster, get more nutrients from your food and aid in your digestion
  • Let’s not forget that you should be moving your bowel for every….yes, every….meal you consume…and it should drop out with no pushing…lol…if that is not happening you are constipated and need to get some digestive enzymes in your system
  • If you want to lose weight, eliminate the fruit and carbs for a period of time.  Get you body into Ketosis with some major fat burning, then slowly introduce small amounts of carbs back in…small portions until you get to your desired goal.
  • Dont forget to walk or do some form of fitness every single day of your life.  Park at the last space at the shopping center and walk 5mins to the store.  If you are in town, get a parking space 5 blocks away.  Get it in the best way you can.