Island Rejuvenation Retreats

Now is the time to be and feel healthy!
Paradise Wellness offers a healthy vacation program that challenges guests to detoxify, rejuvenate, relax, soak up the sun, participate in yoga, rainforest hikes, and more!

The Raw Food lifestyle is an amazing journey.  We believe it to be the most efficient and natural form of healing on the planet.  With our support you can obtain remarkable results in just one week.    Our programs are designed to teach our guests a sensible health enriched lifestyle with a healing program not only for your stay here but also at home; attainable and sustainable goals.  We live this lifestyle and are confident that with commitment and diligence you will be able to follow them anywhere.  No complicated ingredients, no unnecessary tools.  This is an amazing experience you can embrace into your own lifestyle.

We grow and harvest wheatgrass, a variety of fruit and veggies, sprouts, and other garden delights.  We serve simple recipes, blended soups, and some pre-digested fermented foods.   Whether you want a 4 day holiday or a 3 month wellness sabbatical, we can accommodate your needs.  Choose the length of time that best fits your schedule, and choose a program that will boost your wellness goals, change your habits, and begin your healing journey!

We have over 30 fruit trees, lush grounds, greenhouse, nearby beaches, natural surroundings, the beautiful rainforest, holistic practitioners, and delicious gourmet raw and living foods that promote optimal health and well-being.  Our emphasis is on teaching and sharing the Paradise Wellness Lifestyle.  A simple, enzyme rich, raw vegan diet with daily physical activity.

If you are financially unable to participate in one of the above retreats please check out our ENERGY EXCHANGE PROGRAM…you must be able to commit at least one month in this work exchange program.  (limited to 2-3 participants per month).

Retreat dates are listed below.  However we are able to customize specific retreat dates to suit your availability.

A PARADISE WELLNESS Island Rejuvenation Retreat Includes:
Fruit and Juice Feasting, Water Fasting, Raw & Living Foods, Green Smoothies, Seeds, Nuts, Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Coconut Water, & other Nourishing Delights from our Garden
Daily Fitness + Yoga & Meditation Classes
Rainforest Hiking
Swimming at the Beach and in the Rivers
Bio Bay Tour
Access to Wellness Spa Services – Massage, Reiki, Facials, and more!

Please contact our Event Planner at 856-873-1595 or email to customize your special event.

Rejuvenation         Detox       Weight Loss
Acne Cleanse        Yoga         Juice Feasting
Raw Food Preparation            Sprouting
Organic Gardening                  Fruit Picking

Massage Therapy
Personal Trainer
Natural Manicures, Pedicures and Facials
Natural Hair Care
Spiritual Readings

El Yunque Hike w/Robin–Rainforest Expert and Guide
Horseback Riding
Beach Relaxation
Surfing Lessons or Rentals
Trip to Culebra or Vieques
Kayaking at the Bio-Luminescent Bay
Site-seeing and shopping in Old San Juan

When you are ready to commit to health & wellness, please contact us to book your Island Rejuvenation Retreat!

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